10 SHTF Urban Survival Weapon Hacks For The Apocalypse

10 SHTF Urban Survival Weapons Hacks – DIY Projects From Your Garage [#428]

In a realistic WROL scenario after some “trigger event”, your need to protect yourself and your family won’t be up to the local government… police… or military troops brought in to secure law and order.

It will be up to YOU – and only you!

Under extreme conditions you have to be crafty about the weapons you choose and how you take care of them in harsh environments.

Fortunately, with just a little bit of ingenuity and a trip into your garage (or ANY garage if you’re in “scavenger” mode!), quite a few helpful items will present themselves to you.

In fact, let me show you…

10 Simple SHTF Urban Survival Weapons Hacks!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How one of our “Combat Machete Camp” trainees fashioned a makeshift “pig-sticker” from a spare pole he had in his garage!
  • New uses for those spare screws, clamps, and other loose “junk” spread out all over your workbench!
  • 2 weird weapon uses for those reflector driveway markers if you live in a cold-weather zone!
  • How to transform any ordinary lawnmower into my #1 favorite survival weapon!
  • Little-known tricks to clean and protect all of your firearms under even the harshest conditions!
  • And much, MUCH more!


You’ll never look at your garage the same way again once you discover all these hidden ways to arm yourself for the apocalypse! 🙂

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

We’d LOVE To Hear What Cool “Urban Survival Weapon” Hacks YOU Find In Your Own Garage!
Please Share Your Finds And Tips With Your Fellow Warriors Below…

  • Bruce Knoblock says:

    How about using a pencil or pen? They are mainly used for close combat but very effective.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Another good add Bruce! Good enough for Mr. Wick & Mr. Bourne… good enough for me, eh? 🙂

      via Gfycat

  • Used for years are log chains as weapons. Second power steering fluid is a good cleaner and lube for rust and gunk.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Hi Victor! What are you referring to with “log chains”? Do you mean like from a chainsaw?

      • I think he meant like what you’d use to drag logs or tie them down.?.?
        Even an old bicycle chain can come in handy, or the little ones holding your screen door from opening too far in the wind. Put a little weight on the end, and OUCH!

        • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

          I think there was an action movie on Netflix where the guy was dishing out some vengeance, armed with a bicycle chain! hahahaha

  • Fletching…those tickly things are called Fletchings

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Ahhhhh…. where were you when I needed you Kevin?!?!?! hahahahaha. Thanks man!

  • The raw edge of glass on the top of any car side-window can be used as a sharpening stone.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Thanks for reminding me of that Paul. That should have been added to the “garage resources” list. 🙂

  • Steel wool held across the terminals of a 9v battery will start a fire.

  • Screwdrivers as a weapon, hard to beat close up.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Good one Allan! Ralph Thorn even demonstrates how to throw screwdrivers with his “no-spin” knife throwing technique. Can be filed down into an “ice-pick” also, and you’d be hard-pressed to glance at a screwdriver and think “weapon” so it’s pretty covert. Thanks for the add!

  • A decent weapon can be made up using your basic “Romex” wire, the stuff used these last 50-odd years for household and even commercial electrical wiring. It’s stiff yet flexible, and a 3 or 4 foot piece could put a serious hurt on someone. And for even more pain, the older version, BX wire. That’s the one with the coiled metal covering over the wire. It’s stiffer by far, yet can still be flexed around a person in almost a belt like shape. I sure as all heck wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it being swung.

    You mentioned pipe, I assumed regular pipe, but electrical conduit, in not pvc but light galvanized metal, is often used to run wire where it isn’t in a wall. It’s lighter than most metal pipe yet strong and can be cut or drilled. Can make for a variety of long defensive tools, and could have a helluva sharp point fashioned.

    Not EVERY garage will have these items, but many will.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Yeah Shaun… the electrical conduit pipe would be a good choice for that – and if not in a garage, can be salvaged from a lot of backyards (my step-dad was an electrician and we always had TONS of “junk” piled around the house! Ugh!). And I think the wire you’re talking about is another one of these things we had rolls of just lying around (if I understand your description right). We had this thick wire encased in a white-ish rubber coating and it would absolutely be an attention-getter if whipped with that thing!

  • Hey Jeff! Love the podcast – thank you for all of your hard work! Wondering if you’re going to take pre-orders on the new Guardian Machete production run? Any idea when it will be available? Thank you!

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Thanks Chris! Glad you’re loving the podcast! And yes… we just released the Guardian this week with a special celebration freebie. Check your email brotha! 🙂

  • I like brick hammers and if available rock picks. To me they are close to tomahawks

  • Chisels are an excellent find. They can be used to fashion many wooden weapons, as a weapon themselves (sharp edge on end), and they are made of tool steel so they can be fashioned into knives. Files are excellent for making edged weapons as well (cold forged or heat forged). I buy files by the handfuls at flea markets and yard sales for this reason, often for only a couple of bucks for several of them (the bigger the better).

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