3 Badass Make-Your-Own "Ninja Weapons" You Should Add To Your Survival Arsenal

3 Badass Make-Your-Own “Ninja Weapons” You Should Add To Your Survival Arsenal

In feudal Japan during the 15th century, warring Lords and aristocrats hired a deadly class of hired mercenaries to do their dirty work…

… the Ninja!

Masters at everything from sabotage to assassination, the Ninja trained in a wide variety of tools and weapons to accomplish their missions.

While you may think that the Ninja are little more than “fantasy fighters”, their training and weapons offer some very interesting options for your survival weapons arsenal.  In fact…

Here Are 3 Badass Make Your Own “Ninja Weapons”
You Should Add To Your Survival Arsenal…

Make Your Own Ninja Weapons

“Throwing Stars”:

Unlike the Hollywood ninja movies you may have seen, throwing stars were never meant to penetrate the forehead and cause instant death.

They’re more for a “distraction attack” to allow the warrior to close the distance and use a weapon that was deadlier.

When you give up thinking of them as the 1-star killers that Hollywood has made them to be, you can substitute anything that’s more covert and yet can be thrown the same way.

Large washers… broken glass… a handful of coins or nails… baby kittens…

The best technique is to use a “frizbee” type throw with these objects and use that distraction to quickly get to a deadlier weapon and follow up your attack.

“Blinding Powder”:

You can’t defend what you can’t see.

Blinding powder would be thrown in the eyes of an enemy and completely tear down their primary sense for defending themselves.

I learned a really cool improvised version of this from a friend of mine who is a real Ninja, trained in Japan.

If you’ve ever gotten a single speck of sand in your eye at the beach, you know it hurts like hell and all you can think about is getting that sharp, gritty sand out of your watering eye.

So get yourself one of those plastic cigar holders and fill it with some sand-box sand.

When confronted by an aggressive attacker – even if surrounded by multiple thugs – covertly uncap the cigar tube and in the same “frizbee” backhand motion, quickly whip out a cloud of sand in a wide arc aimed at the eyes of your attackers.

Seize the moment with a fast escape or get to a weapon that you can use to defeat your enemy – like this one…


The Ninja’s weapon of choice was the “katana”, which was often carried on his back (or arguably a Kodachi sword).

Of course, for survival purposes, you don’t want to be walking around with a giant Samurai sword on your back like you’re Michonne from the Walking Dead..

Think more like “machete” from The Book Of Eli.

The machete is a common utility tool so you can stay covert… but in combat, it’s just as deadly as a “sword” (in the right hands).

Plus, they’re easy to find, even in remote 3rd world countries.

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What Are Some Other Modern-Day “Ninja Weapons” You Can Think Of?

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