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After 2 Failed Attempts To Fight Back, Unarmed Father Sends 3 Armed Home-Invaders Running For Their Lives With The Only Real Weapon He Could Find…

It was something 38 y.o. Leandro Peralta never expected at 5 o’clock in the morning…

One minute, he was sitting in the backyard of his Florida home, chatting it up with a friend over a cup of coffee.

The next, ambushed by three masked home invaders… and staring down the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun!

There was no time to waste!

Ordered to the ground, Peralta decided he wasn’t going without a fight, and…

Unarmed And Outnumbered, The Weapon This Florida Home-Owner Grabbed Next Shocked These 3 Home Invaders And Sent Them Running For Their Lives!

It was just before 5am on a hot summer Friday morning when Peralta heard the three gang members crash through is backyard gate – one of them armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, the two others with a crowbar and a machete.

With two more gang members waiting outside in the car, the thugs ordered the men to the ground.

Peralta took that as his chance as he sprung into action to protect himself – first grabbing the closest “weapon” he could find – the chair he was sitting on.

Thrusting and throwing the chair at the closest attacker, he then grabbed the next closest weapon – a 2×6 plank – and began waving it at the armed gunman to keep him at bay.

Home Invasion Defense

But as the shotgun-wielding assailant continued to advance on him, the man knew the board just wasn’t going to cut it.

His friend now lying face-down on the ground with the machete-wielding attacker standing over him… Peralta’s wife screaming in the house

Peralta Knew He Had To Change His Strategy Or They Would All Die In Place…

Quickly, he lunged back into his home – followed closely by the shotgun-wielding attacker – only to emerge mere seconds later, armed with the best weapon he could find to defeat the enemy in his home…

… and the reaction from the gang was immediate!

Home Owner Armed With Machete Defeats Criminal Ambush

Just the sight of the large, razor-sharp machete Peralta grabbed from his home was all it took to send all 3 masked men scrambling for their lives – even jumping a 5′ fence like it wasn’t even there!

The shotgun-wielding attacker didn’t make it very far.

Peralta and his friend were able to grab him… disarm the shotgun… and hold him at bay with the machete until the cops arrived and put the gang member in cuffs.

Searching the neighborhood, the police eventually caught up to the other 4 thugs and took them into custody as well.

Sarasota Home Invasion Story

A quick search revealed their plan as they uncovered several sets of zip-ties to subdue the unsuspecting homeowners while they robbed their home (and did who knows what else to the family!)

Now, You’re Probably Asking The Same Question Most People Would…

Why would 3 attackers – who CLEARLY outnumbered and out-armed their victim – turn tail and run for their lives, right?

In one word: Commitment

The home invaders had the drop on Peralta and the other victims – and all it took was to pull the trigger as their victims fought back.

But pulling the trigger is not an easy thing to do if you’re not committed to going “all the way” with your attack.

They weren’t that committed.

Peralta was.

When no cops are on the way and you are the only thing standing between a gang of armed thugs and your family’s very lives, your thinking has to be on only ONE outcome…

… the complete destruction of the enemy in your home!

Of course, having a weapon to help even the odds against a group of armed attackers is a huge plus, eh?

And look… I’m not saying you should “bring a machete to a shotgun fight”... or even that it’s the “best” home defense weapon.

But it does go to show that – while firearms are undeniably “the great equalizer” against violent criminals and attackers – a machete has once again proven to be a powerful weapon that strikes instant fear into the enemyeven when you’re outnumbered and out-armed!

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What Other “Alternative Weapons” Would You Consider Effective Against Home Invaders If You Don’t Have A Gun?

Please Share Your Best Defense Tips Below Now…

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Thanks Penny! (If I have nightmares tonight about being attacked by dogs and geese, I know where the seed got planted! hahahaha)

  • Hands down, a baseball bat! That and “intent”.

  • 2 silent wolfdogs from the reservation raised from pups in our family

  • either my Kukri knife or the tomahawk sitting by the bed

  • Nate Smith says:

    Honestly I sometimes violate this rule but the firearm witrhin reach or on the body is what we should be doing facing multiple attackers as well. At least an extendable baton is pockatable

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      100% Nate! Even if someone doesn’t have a concealed carry permit, you can (and should!) still carry the weapon legally on your person to always have it in reach.

  • Bettie Holscher says:

    We do not own guns anymore. We heard about guns being used by attackers. We use machetes and common sense.

    • T. Konopinski says:

      Proper training and practice with a firearm means I don’t need to allow a machete or other armed person to get up close and personal in a home invasion. Just my thoughts. ( retired police officer)

  • T. Konopinski says:

    Great outcome. Could have went sideways real quick. I bet he considers being armed in the dark for morning coffee, going forward

  • John Barrett Jr says:

    The homeowner was a fool! He is lucky to be alive to try to fight with a machete against someone with a shotgun!!!

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Definitely a lucky day for Peralta, John. At any moment, one pull of the trigger would have changed the outcome. But sometimes you have to use what you’ve got. Since the homeowner obviously isn’t carrying a firearm on his person (or apparently at home either), I gotta give him credit for grabbing weapons within reach to respond. In the moment, he did a pretty good job of using improvised weapons from his environment while his friend just stood there frozen. Ultimately, Peralta thought about needing a “better” weapon and the first one that seemed to come to his mind was his machete. I’ll take a dose of luck any day of the week… but never count on it!

  • double plastic grocery bag with a can of vegetables inside, The same principal works in the shower, but you keep several new bars of soap in a dunk bag within reach but out of the water.

  • Jeffrey Francis says:

    5′ Connectable steel spear/ tomahawk/fire extinguisher/throwing rubbing alcohol at perps (?), pepper(?-if close to kitchen)

  • Are geese used as guard dogs?
    Guard goose – Wikipedia
    A publication by the United States Department of Agriculture lists the African goose, Roman goose (Tufted Roman), Pomeranian goose (Saddleback Pomeranian), and Chinese goose as the best breeds for guard duty. Chinese geese are said to be loud, and African geese both loud and large.

  • When I am at home the minimum is 7 rounds of 410 buckshot from my pistols. I always have my cane when I am outside in addition.

  • I have used my cane for the neighbor’s dog that jumped the fence to threaten my dog and I. Didn’t have to hit it but the Rottweiler mix saw me raise the cane and head it’s way. It was convinced that I meant business ran out my gate and back home.

  • I like the video to learn that a chair can be used as a weapon in a home invasion by swinging it at the attacker then throwing it at him to create distance. Then to get another weapon by grabbing a wood plank and getting it ready to swing at the gunman was a good example. He, then moved back into his house to get a machete which would at least scare the home invaders, yet Jason Hanson says to carry a weapon and hand and be ready and prepared to use it with deadly force because it would cost me my life if I don’t use it. As you say, Jeff, commitment to use the weapon is the reason to have it in the hand for self-defense, as the weapon was intended to be carried.

    The reason your company’s motto is to prepare, train, and survive is the preparing is getting the tools, the train by practicing the skills on those tools everyday, then the result is to survive another day.

    Jason Hanson said to me as a customer that he wants me as an American to grow old, which is kind of him because the reality of dying too young is a tragedy.


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