How To Fight With A Tactical Tomahawk Survival Weapon!

MCS 178: Tactical Tomahawk Combat With Benjamin Bradak

Discover How To Fight With A Tactical Tomahawk!It’s more than just a “survival weapon”

It’s now being used by both military and law enforcement as a “tool” for breaching obstacles, handling small chopping tasks, and rescuing trapped victims.

I’m talking about the tactical tomahawk

… and if you don’t have one, you could be missing out on one of the most powerful close-quarters melee weapons to add to your arsenal.

But for “combat” purposes, the effectiveness of ANY weapon relies primarily on the skill of the person wielding it, right?

So, how CAN you use the tactical tomahawk’s unique qualities in real world combat?

Well, for this week’s podcast episode, I asked “combat tomahawk” expert, Benjamin Bradak, for his best close-quarters tactics.

Extreme COMBAT TOMAHAWK Tactics!

How To Fight With A Tactical Tomahawk

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why you can’t just pick up a “hawk” and fight without understanding the #1 pitfall waiting for you! (Hint: You won’t be able to escape this tomahawk “problem”… but you CAN use it to your advantage if you know how!)
  • Tactical tomahawk “combat features”! Here’s why this powerful survival weapon really shines in close-quarters!
  • Shopping for a “hawk”: What to look for… and what to avoid when choosing the best tactical tomahawk for your survival weapons arsenal!
  • Close-quarter combat moves only the hawk can deliver for stopping an armed attacker fast!
  • Tactical tomahawk training tips! How to get started on the path to “hawk mastery” right in your own home. 

If you’re a fan of survival weapons training, you’re not gonna want to miss the unique perspective this episode will give you on the tactical tomahawk!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do YOU Have A Tactical Tomahawk In Your Survival Weapons Arsenal?

Please Share Your Feedback On The Hawk As A Tool And Weapon For Survival Now…

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