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Is The Machete REALLY The Ultimate Survival Weapon? Here’s 1 Reader’s Criticism. . .

I LOVE getting feedback from our readers, and recently I got an email forwarded to me that I think a LOT of people would agree with…

It came from Raymond F. and here’s what he wrote…

“Jeff, I have enjoyed your articles and believe that you are a true patriot; however, suggesting that anyone train to use a machete <for combat> is insane. If you want to clear brush or chop trees, machetes are fine. One thing you want to know about a knife fight is DO NOT ENGAGE in one – and in a possible machete engagement, just run like crazy. Not a coward… but not a fool. Keep up the good work!”

I wrote Raymond back, and since many of you may feel the same way, I thought it would be helpful for you to get my view on things…

Here’s what I wrote back…

“Thanks for your comments Raymond and I appreciate your opinion.

I take a different look at it though and from a survival perspective, I’m a big believer that ‘melee weapons’ could very well come into play in a long-term survival scenario.

All one has to do is look at other countries where the machete is often used as a weapon (such as Central America and Africa).

survival machete

In fact, these are central weapons in some areas where firearms aren’t as widely found – a scenario that many of us plan for ‘just in case’.

From that perspective, I believe that if other cultures have already chosen their primary weapon to be a machete, then we’re likely to follow the same path if forced under those circumstances… and the better trained the greater the chance of survival.

Take care Ray! Best to you my friend!

~ Jeff”

Hopefully that clears the air about why the machete holds a special spot in my arsenal.

Sure, I have my guns – and let’s face it… you can’t “machete-chop” a bullet, right?

But overall, a machete even beats the AR-15 as the “ultimate survival weapon” in my book because:

  • Machetes are easy to come by (even in foreign countries because they’re used for landscaping)…
  • They’re incredibly deadly (“swords” have been used in combat for thousands of years)…
  • They don’t run out of “ammo”
  • They don’t jam or malfunction when you need it the most…
  • And they’re LEGAL pretty much everywhere!


But the machete obviously isn’t the only weapon you should have in your survival arsenal.

I’m a firm believer in the role of firearms, other edged-weapons, and even the ability to make your own “improvised weapons” using everyday materials you can find in any environment.

That’s why we created our 12-level survival weapons “blueprint” – to provide a realistic framework for how to build your defense platform with “survival” in mind.

You see, arming yourself for things like looters… bug-out scenarios… and other dangers you may face during a short- or long-term collapse are different than what you may be planning for regular home defense or concealed carry.

I highly suggest you download our free 12-level survival weapons “blueprint” and see why customizing your current weapons plan is critical when it comes to these very specific threats.

BUT… just like any other weapon – such as a knife, a pistol, or a rifle – the weapon is only as good as the warrior who wields it, right?

I really question why someone would own ANY weapon and not learn how to use it to defend yourself.

And that includes the machete, as well as all the others we cover in our free guide.

So whatever weapon you use in your survival arsenal, be sure you’re taking the time to actually TRAIN with it!

What Other Survival Weapons Do You Have In YOUR Arsenal?

Please Share Your Best Picks Below Now…

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