My "Top 5" Best Bugout Guns For Your Survival Kit

My “Top 5” Best Bugout Guns

Let me ask you a question…

If you were literally forced out of your home due to a major disaster… wide-scale grid-down blackout… or other catastrophic event…

… which gun would you bring with you?

I mean, you and I both know that – when you’re faced with a true SHTF scenario – there’s gonna be all kinds of predatory scumbags targeting the “weak”, the “unprepared”, and especially, the “unprotected”, right?

That’s why you need a “gun plan” for protecting yourself and your family in a worst-case scenario where you have to evacuate your home.

And I just made a quick video that shows you 5 of my favorite “bugout gun” options (and they ALL even fit nicely inside of your bug-out bag)!

Bugout Guns Video

I think you’ll be REALLY surprised at my #1 bug-out gun pick… and I’d like to also know what YOU’RE packing for a forced evacuation scenario.

If you’re open to it, please leave a comment with the video on which firearms you like best, ok?

And don’t forget to give me a “thumb’s up” and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there! 🙂

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