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Real-World “No-Spin Combat Knife-Throwing” With Ralph Thorn [#284]

“Why would you ever throw away your weapon?”

That’s what you hear from self-defense and tactical “experts”…

…who think “knife throwing” has no place in “real” self-defense situations.

Well, this is about to get VERY controversial, because…

Yes, you CAN throw a knife in combat!

A lot of the knife throwing being taught out there, though, isn’t suitable for practical situations.

So how do you tell the difference?

And how do you train to throw a knife at a moving target?

What happens if that target is trying to KILL you?

In this week’s podcast episode, Jeff Anderson talks to combat knife throwing expert Ralph Thorn to answer these questions (and more)!

Combat Knife Throwing / No Spin Knife Throwing
Combat Knife Throwing / No Spin Knife Throwing

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The simple solution to the old line, “Why would you EVER throw away your weapon?”
  • Why most knife throwing systems CAN’T work in combat… and why the one we’ll share with you CAN.
  • The knife throwing method that is a “cheat code” to stick your blade in a moving target!
  • How to choose a combat throwing knife from among the many on the market.
  • The secret to training in practical combat knife throwing – and how to get started right now!

In a life-or-death attack, you just might need to rely on a thrown weapon to gain the upper hand.

This week’s podcast is sure to ruffle some feathers – and this information could make the difference when YOUR life is on the line!

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