MCS 225 - 5 (More) Survival Gear Suggestions For Prepper Defense

MCS 225 – 5 (More) Survival Gear Suggestions For Prepper Defense

Can you feel that “something” is coming?

More than ever, we’re polarized as a nation and the prospects of coming together to face shared challenges in the future lies somewhere between “slim” and “none”.

Maybe that’s why 31% of polled Americans believe that there will be another domestic Civil War within the next 5 years!

If they’re right (or even if a wide-scale collapse demolishes “rule of law”) and your neighborhood transforms into a virtual “war zones”, it will be up to YOU to protect yourself and those you love from the battle that wages outside your front door.

Should that happen, you’ll need all the knowledge, skills, allies, and gear you can muster to gain the tactical advantage.

Fortunately, Chad Cooper is back for this week’s podcast episode to lay out yet another of his “Top 5” suggestions for “prepper defense gear” you should consider!


Prepper Looter Defense Gear

Do YOU Have The Right SHTF Defense Gear To Defense Against Looters And Riots?

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • “Coconut protection”: How the military has advanced their gear design for preventing head injuries… and why you should copy their plan!
  • A common military battlefield aid that has the power to grant you near “invisibility” from your enemies! (Thankfully, even civilians can now acquire this item!)
  • It’s one of the most basic tactical skills every soldier must learn to avoid detection by the enemy… and Chad reveals several ways YOU can use this same gear for laying low while bugging out!
  • When bad things happen to good people, you’re gonna want to have this “worst case” back-up gear within arm’s reach.  (It could literally save your life!)
  • Attach *THIS* to the rail of your rifle and you now have more weapon options for engaging all levels of threat!

If you’re a “gear junkie” like I am, you’re gonna LOVE all the cool new gadgets to put on your Christmas list!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do You Worry About “Civil War” Or Massive Civil Unrest In Our Near Future?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Best “Defense Tips” Below Now…

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