MCS 120: Bug-Out Survival Guns
  • MCS 120: Bug-Out Survival Guns

    Survival Weapons Bug Out Guns

    The balloon has gone up!

    The grid is down… looters are roaming the streets… and you’ve finally decided it’s time to relocate yourself and your family to your “Plan B” safety retreat before the danger comes charging straight through your front door.

    Will you go walking down Main St. with your bug-out bag on your shoulders and an AR-15 positioned across your chest?

    Or will you pack one of the “5 best bug-out guns” I share with you in this week’s podcast…

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    Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s broadcast…

    • The best “survival caliber” for bugging out! Many preppers debate what firearm works best as a survival weapon… and sometimes the best choice comes down to the ammo.
    • Why BIG firepower comes in tiny packages… and my personal choices for “little guns” that can save your life in an evacuation to safety!
    • Why the military matters when it comes to what you carry!
    • Cross-prepping platforms: Or “how to plan for multiple weapons scenarios without carrying multiple firearms!
    • The “legal” mini-rifle!  Normally you’d get in a world of legal trouble if you were caught with this powerful “SBR”.  But not when you use my little secret loophole.

    Whether you’re in the market for a new firearm and are looking at what your survival needs are… or you want to double-check your current arsenal against my tips…

    … there’s lots of ammo in this week’s podcast!


    Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

     What Firearms Do YOU Have Stationed For A Bug-Out Scenario?

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