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The Invisible Survival Weapon (From Ancient Times)

The whole point of “survival weapons” is to carry something for protection against the outside world AND two-legged threats, but…

…a weapon that gives you away doesn’t do you much good, which is why I always talk about HIDING your survival weapons when you can.

But what if you could hide a survival weapon in plain sight?

This video shows how to spin a walking staff, and there’s actually a good reason why you’d want to do that in a survival, self-defense situation (and not just to “look cool”):

See, walking staffs, sticks, hiking poles… they’re GREAT for bugging out, for hiking, for crossing water and rough terrain, and even just going for long walks, because they help provide stability.

And when you’re outside, a stout stick is just a tree branch away… which brings me to…

Staffs Aren’t Just For Walking

For thousands of years, though, people have been using these as weapons.

(Sticks and stones were among the first weapons humans every used.)

And if you can SPIN a stick like the guy does in the video, why… even multiple attackers wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near you without something like a gun.

That makes a staff a great survival weapon that hides in plain sight… because you can walk with it for anybody to see, and it’s “just a staff.”

But if things get hairy, you start whipping that thing around like Jackie Chan after a half-dozen shots of espresso, you’ve got a serious weapon on your hands.

Choosing A Survival Staff

Not all staffs are created equal, though, so to get the most out of your walking-aid-and-weapon, there are some things to think about.

Good: Any stout piece of wood that isn’t too long (you don’t want to look like Gandalf, walking around with a staff as tall as you are) will work. The problem is, wood is often smooth and slippery, and it can be hard to find a piece of wood that is straight enough and the right size around.

Better: A metal staff is a lot longer. A piece of pipe will do, although it will be heavy. Lightweight alloys are a better choice, but you’re not going to find a high-tech alloy just lying around outside, usually. That means…

Best: Plan ahead and get yourself a modern, lightweight alloy staff with textured grip for good traction. I like this one a lot, for example, because it’s modular and has hidden survival tools inside.

When you’re equipped with a modern, modular staff like this one (which is super strong, too), you’re basically carrying a full-sized survival weapon where anyone can see it…

…and almost nobody realizes exactly what you’ve got.

That makes it both an excellent survival tool AND an excellent weapon, because it’s both covert and multi-functional.

What do YOU think?

Do you carry a staff now?

Will you be adding one to your gear?

Let me know in the comments.

What Do YOU Think Is The Best “Hide In Plain Sight” Weapon?
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