A Sword For Survival? Violent Stalker Defeated By "Samurai Bishop"!

A Sword For Survival? Violent Stalker Defeated By “Samurai Bishop”!

She was stalked by a 37-year old pervert…

Ambushed outside of her Salt Lake City, Utah home as she was leaving for work, the young woman was knocked to the ground by her attacker who tried to take her keys and get into her home.

A 14-y.o. boy saw the attack and woke his father – a Mormon Bishop and 4th degree black belt – to come to her aid.

Did he grab a baseball bat?  A gun? The Bible?

No… he ran out of the house with the #1 weapon he relies on and…

This Mormon Bishop Defeated A Violent Stalker
With A 29-Inch Samurai Sword!

Man With Sword Saves Woman

Now, of course I don’t suggest using a sword as your primary self-protection or home defense weapon.

But believe it or not, as survival weapons go, a sword can be even MORE effective than a firearm.


Well, think about it… in the harsh environment after a collapse, guns can break down… run out of ammo… or even get confiscated “for the greater good”.

What then?

There’s no need to ever be unarmed:

Here’s How To Plan Your Backup
“Survival Weapon Arsenal” Now…

1. Improvise – Adapt – Overcome.

The best survival weapon is the one you have access to.

Even if you own a gun, it may not be able to get to it when you need it most.

This guy didn’t, so he grabbed what he had and it worked.

There are several stories I found of people using “other weapons” to defend themselves in an attack.

How quickly could you fashion a weapon out of materials around you right now?

Scan around and choose the best “improvised survival weapon” you can find.

2. Pre-Plan Your Survival Weapon Arsenal

Personally, when it comes to my life (or the life of my family), I don’t want to be forced to think on the fly about what my best weapon is.

That’s why, when it comes to survival, you need to plan NOW for all eventualities – like when your firearms are no longer an option – and put together a back-up arsenal you can count on.

I suggest a “12-level” survival weapon plan and you can see my own personal stockpile here…

3. Train with EVERY weapon you own.

This man grabbed a sword because it was what he felt most confident in.

You own a weapon for a purpose – defense.

But if you don’t know how to wield it with expert mastery when you’re facing a life-or-death attack, you could be setting yourself up for a trip to the morgue.

If you have a gun… go to the range and use “dry-fire” drills at home.

If you carry a combat folder knife as part of your EDC (everyday carry), know how to use it in a real fight.

If you own a machete, you’d better be a “Book Of Eli” badass when you’re facing someone armed with another survival-type weapon like a knife, staff, shovel, or another machete.

I’ve said it before: in survival conditions, you need a plan… and then you need a backup plan.

That applies for your food, your shelter, and most definitely for the protection of your family when the world crumbles around you.

Get my free survival weapons guide now and train to master each one of the 12 levels I lay out for you.

Do YOU Have A “Long Blade” In Your Survival Weapons Arsenal?

Share What You’re Packing In The Comments Below Now…

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