Taco Tuesday: We Review The Glock e-Trainer (In 59 Seconds)

Taco Tuesday: We Review The Glock e-Trainer (In 59 Seconds)

Okay, I’m not exactly up on the latest tech and social media trends, but for Taco Toolsday this week, we’re trying something new…

…and I want to know if you love it, you like it, or you HATE it.

See, “jump cut” videos were all the rage a few years back, and like a guy in a hyper-color t-shirt fresh from Radio Shack with a new top-loading VCR under my arm, I figured we’d give it a shot…

…mostly because I don’t think think it should take eight to ten minutes of watching a video gear review before you get the answer to, “Should I freaking buy this or not?”

This Toolsday, we’re looking at the Glock e-Trainer, and you can watch the quick video (it’s less than one minute) right here:


So, now that you’ve watched that, I gotta know:

Do you like this format?

Would you like to see more of these fast, one-minute review videos?

What other types of gear or topics would you like to see us cover?

And if you’d prefer we did something different, what would THAT be?

This is YOUR Warrior Life community, and we want you to help us build it the way YOU want it to be.

So, Do You Love, Like, Or HATE This Format?
Leave A Comment Below And Tell Us What We Should Cover Next!

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