MCS Podcast #91: Combat Driving With Doron Benbenisty
  • MCS Podcast #91: Combat Driving With Doron Benbenisty

    Tactical Driving Escape And Evasion

    You may think you’re “safe” in your vehicle.

    But predators within our society see you as “prey” – an easy target to be ambushed… forced off the road… or pulled out and attacked during a hijacking or civil unrest.

    Will you know how to escape and evade attackers when in your vehicle – even in a high-speed pursuit where you’re being forced off the road?

    This week’s guest, Doron Benbenisty, has vast (real world!) experience world-wide in how to escape this dangerous scenario… and has some amazing tactical strategies you’ll need to know to survive.

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    Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

    • How to evaluate your vehicle for it’s “escape & evasion” potential (and how to adjust your driving!)
    • Escaping when your vehicle is surrounded by a rampaging mob!  (It’s not as easy as “just floor it” – and Doron has seen this method go bad in real life!)
    • Instant decision-making on the run! How to prepare your mind and your vehicle to make on-the-spot decisions to turn left or right when evading a threat!

    • High-speed “cat and mouse” tactics for evading a pursuing vehicle – especially when they’re armed!

    • RAMMED! What to do when another vehicle is trying to force you off the road!

    • At-home “combat driving” training?  Yes – it’s possible!

    This specialized training is hard to come by… but can save your life during an attack when you’re in your vehicle.

    Discover these insider secrets from real-world high-threat vehicle scenarios!

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