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(Survival Water Filter Myth) Is that a TAMPON in your mouth?

I recently saw an article from the television survival show host, Creek Stewart where he went over how to make an improvised “LifeStraw” water filter out of a tampon.

Basically, you would tear off a bit of the tampon’s cotton and stuff it into the plastic housing.

(Tip: Creek says it’s best to leave a little bit of the cotton sticking out to make the plastic housing pieces hold together tighter.)

Then you just dip your face down into that nice clean mountain stream and sip away care-free.

Well, not so fast there Sparky…

Busting The Tampon Survival Water Filter Myth…

wilderness survival water filter

First of all, tampons are NOT a real water purifier that will keep you from getting sick from all the bacteria and parasites that are typically circling around all those seemingly crystal clear streams.

Yes, they’ll help to keep out dirt and large particles of nasties – but don’t count on this method to remove any biological or chemical contaminates or even the harmful micro-organisms.

Besides, you can get a LifeStraw really cheap to throw in your bug out bag and it will filter out 99.99% of all the bad stuff trying to destroy your guts.

Trust me, the last thing you want when bugging out to safety is stop every 5 minutes to drop your drawers and evacuate what seems like every last ounce of your insides.

I keep 5 LifeStraws in my bug out bag…

A couple are there to hand to other survival team members that may need one in a pinch.

Plus, when it comes to bartering, these things are more valuable than gold and you can pretty much demand anything (food, ammo, etc.) in return as people around you start experiencing the nasty effects of drinking contaminated water after a disaster.

Forget the tampons unless you’re in a true Walking Dead-style wasteland and have nothing else.

Get the real thing instead and keep a few of them in your “go-bag” at all times.

What Other Survival Uses Do Tampons Have?

Share Your Best Tips Below…

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