The Best Everyday Carry Survival Gear Knife (Actually 5 Of 'Em!)

The Best Everyday Carry Survival Gear Knife (Actually 5 Of ‘Em!)

I always get questions about what I carry on me for my everyday carry survival gear (or EDC).

This is an important question because I firmly believe that if you’re not ready for an “instant disaster”, you’re not TRULY ready. 

I actually carry quite a few small (yet powerful) items on me, but the best everyday carry survival gear I would never be without is a knife.

I’m thinking that a lot of you feel the same way, right?

Well, I actually carry 5 different EDC knives on me at all times.

You may think that’s overkill.  I don’t.

All 5 have a purpose and you never know when you’re going to need to hand one off to someone else during a crisis – that’s the way I look at it.

Anyway, I thought I’d share all the best EDC Knives with you now…

1 & 2: SOG Multi-Tool

5 4 2015 blog post 1

My SOG has 2 spring-assisted blades on it – a serrated one and one standard blade.

I love the spring-assist quick-opening feature, but each has a “safety lock” that must be open for them to be put into action.

Frankly, I don’t get it… the safety isn’t needed at all and these are NOT my “go-to” knives – they just happen to be on my multi-tool.

3: CRKT Minimalist

5 4 2015 post 2

This is my newest edition and I like that it’s compact.

What I like even better is that it comes with a kydex horizontal sheath that fits on my “battle belt” where I can keep it concealed and yet

4: SOG Mini-Pentagon

5 4 2015 post 3

This is my “no b.s. life-or-death” combat knife.

A straight, double-edged blade is the only knife I’d ever want for real combat and there’s none better (in my humble opinion) than the Mini-Pentagon.

(Careful – these types of knives are illegal in many states.  So I’m not saying I carry this one – if you know what I mean.  Let’s just call it a “half-carry” or “# 3.5 on my list if anyone asks, ok?)

5: “Covert Credit” Card Knife

(This knife you can actually get for free here…)

5 4 2015 post

I always carry a few “escape & evasion” gizmos on me and this “secret knife” fits right inside my small wallet behind my credit cards.

It’s razor sharp and can be used for daily projects all the way up to cutting your way out of rope, zip-ties, or telephone wire during a home invasion hostage situation.

Yeah… pretty badass, eh?

Best part, you can get these knives for free so they make cool gifts as well.

Pick up a handful here…

What’s Your Favorite EDC Survival Knife?

Please Share Your Personal Choice Below Now…

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