The Best Survival Weapon For A Collapse: The Big Badass Machete!

The Best Survival Weapon For A Collapse: The Big Badass Machete!

I know… “guns, guns, guns!”, right?

If you’re like most people, when you think about what makes up the best weapons arsenal, the very first thing that probably pops into your mind is “what rifle, pistol, or shotgun should I own?”.

But as with anything related to prepping, you MUST think about the “reality” of the environment you’ll be in following a collapse or wide-scale disaster, and here’s…

The Best Survival Weapon During A SHTF Collapse!

Best Survival Weapon Machete

Ok first, as much as I love guns (and I own a bunch of ’em), here are the problems most people don’t think about when building out their entire survival weapons arsenal…

guns break down (especially in harsh environments)

guns make you a “target” (of citizens & law/military)

… and they can always run out of ammo (no matter how much you have stockpiled)

A broken, unloaded weapon is nothing more than a giant “paperweight”.

A confiscated or stolen weapon will NOT protect you and your family.

That’s why I believe that the machete beats ALL other weapons when it comes to survival.


  • Don’t break down and are easily kept sharp and “ready”
  • Can be covertly “hidden” on your body so no one around you even knows you’re “armed” (yet it can be pulled out lightning-quick if you get into trouble)
  • And they never run out of ammo

That “awakening” I had was what led me and my training partner, D’Mon, to develop the ultimate “combat machete” fighting system.

How To Use A Machete As A Survival Weapon…

When you get right down to it, the machete is a “sword”.

Plain and simple.

And just like the Ninja, Samurai, Sikhs, and other “blade masters”, in a fight to the death in melee combat vs. a club, crowbar, shovel, or another machete – the one with the best skills survives.

I can tell you from our “pressure-testing” training sessions, that the common “pull it out and hack away” method of using a machete does NOT work.

Not only does it require a lot of extra effort, but you use a lot of force because your striking movements always begin with a “stopped blade”.

Instead, you should use a circular “figure 8” type motion so the blade never stops moving.

Our advanced techniques can turn you into a virtual “human blender” – especially with our “double machete” techniques.

(If you want to learn more and see the “combat machete” instructional videos, begin with our free survival weapons guide.)

Just be sure to train safely without using a real machete (or keep the sheath on it).

Real machete’s aren’t very forgiving – which is what makes them the best survival weapon in the first place, right?

Are You Packing A Machete As A Survival Weapon?

What Brand Do You Like The Most?

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