The Revenant: 3 "Pioneer Survival Skills" You Should Know...

The Revenant: 3 “Pioneer Survival Skills” You Should Know…

This weekend my wife and I saw the movie “The Revenant” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

(AWESOME movie by the way!)

The one thing about the movie that you’re stuck with for 2.5 hours is just how HARD life was back in the pioneer days.

No electricity… you were forced to “live off the land”… the weather could kill you dead if you were out in the open… and even a simple injury could mean infection and certain death.

It got me thinking about how the “doomsday scenarios” we talk about these days were actually just “everyday life” for your great-grandfather and the pioneers of our country. Here are…


Pioneer Survival Skill #1:  Build A “New Home”

Imagine no more “cities”.

Many people feel if the “S” ever hit the “F”, they could flee to the forest and build a hut or something that could shelter your family from the elements.

Not as easy as it sounds.

My entire childhood was spent building “forts” out in the woods behind my house and I used to study the Native Americans’ models for making a structure that would keep the wind out and the heat in.

And a log-cabin is pretty hard to put together (even with a team of people) and it’s a lot of work.

In The Revenant, you saw lots of different types of shelters (teepees, cabins, etc.) but building a partial subterranean “roundhouse” is better because, if built right, it can shelter 2 or 3 families… keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer… and it’s perfectly camouflaged to keep you “covert”.

Pioneer Survival Skill #2:  Hunt With Little Ammo

What if you had to say “good-bye” grocery stores?

Whether you eat or starve is going to be up to your ability to gather food… hunt for game… and preserve it for long term without the aid of a refrigerator.

Many of you know how to hunt… but what if ammo was scarce?

In The Revenant, they used trapping and primitive hunting skills to bag game that kept them fed and provided pelts for warmth.

Do YOU know how to hunt with a bow… dress game… and preserve meat without a freezer?

Pioneer Survival Skill #3: Make A “Poultice”

In The Revenant, Leo’s character, Hugh Glass, is mauled by a bear with wounds all over his body (that’s not a spoiler, it was in the trailer).

To help him heal, herbs were applied directly to the wounds.

You’ve probably seen enough old western movies where Indians, gramma or gramps make a “poultice” – a soft, moist patch of specific herbs or ingredients that are applied to wounds to use their natural healing powers.

Would you know how to treat wounds and infections if you or a family member needed help but doctors, hospitals, and antibiotics weren’t an option?

Life was hard back in the days of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

But they survived.

Well… SOME of them survived.

For others, weather, starvation, and common injuries and diseases claimed their lives because they weren’t prepared or didn’t have the skills to make it.

For me, thinking of how you would survive under these conditions serves as a great foundation for building out your SHTF survival plan.

Here’s a really great “how-to manual” on mastering these “pioneer survival skills”…

It’s a massive guide that will save you a ton of time trying to do all the research on this stuff on your own and it’s all in one place.

Highly recommended if you want to master the shortcuts to surviving when modern conveniences aren’t an option.

Now… let’s go build a fort! 🙂

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