Top 10 Best Paracord Uses You (Probably) Don't Know For Survival

MCS 157: Top 10 Best Paracord Uses You (Probably) Don’t Know

The Top 10 Paracord Uses You Don't Know
The Best Paracord Uses For Survival And Defense

A survivalist without paracord is Dirty Harry without his .44 Magnum.

In fact, this “wonder string” can literally save your life in a survival scenario!

Sure, the internet abounds with endless lists of “best paracord uses”… so I challenged my friend and survival expert, Kevin Estela, to come up with tips most survivalists have never heard of before.

In this week’s podcast episode, Kevin gives his “Top 5″ best paracord uses… and with my own “Top 5”, you’ll have a good handful of new tactics to try out!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The “Trapo” Trick
  • The “Riot Leash” Trick
  • The “Para-Rescue” Trick
  • The “Invisible Knife” Trick
  • The “1-2-3 Anchor” Trick
  • The “Running Sniper” Trick
  • The “Condom Container” Trick
  • The “Pistol Sniper” Trick
  • The “Rattler Alarm” Trick
  • The “Budget Bodyguard” Trick

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Do YOU Have A Weird Paracord Use That Most People Don’t Know?

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