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Urban Survival Tips From Cornell University’s Zombie Apocalypse Study

We don’t take “zombies” too seriously at MCS HQ – but there ARE certainly valuable lessons we can get by studying our favorite little face-eaters.

Apparently we’re not the only ones who think so…

Recently there was a study done by a team from Cornell University on how a hypothetical zombie outbreak would spread if triggered and…

Here Are 3 Real World Urban Survival Lessons
From Cornell’s “Zombie Outbreak” Study…

Zombie Urban Survival Tips

For me, the “zombie study” could apply to any sort of a nation-wide collapse we could experience, such as…

… a grid-down disaster that forces our population into chaos…

a pandemic outbreak that kills off massive chunks of our citizens…

…or any of the other “5 no b.s. warning signs” we tell people to look out for in our free survival guide.

For example, the study says that it’s the dense urban areas that will be affected first.

That means that, if you live in a city (or even just on the outskirts), you can expect to see these become hubs of chaos as city-wide support comes to a screeching halt.

No food delivery… no fresh water to drink… no sanitation… desperate unprepared citizens roaming around begging for food anywhere they can get it (like zombies).

But the study goes on to warn that it’s also those areas in between major metropolitan areas that would be the next to be hit hard.

Makes sense, right?

I mean, if you’re on a direct path between 2 major cities – even if you live in the “country” – once one city’s resources are non-existent, you can expect to see a mass exodus of people who will try their chances at the next major metropolitan area.

That could mean a trail of zombies” passing through your area (in collapse terminology, we call this the “Golden Horde”).

Here’s What To Do Now To Prepare
For An Urban Survival Collapse…

1. Grab a map and a ruler (even if you live in a remote area).

See if you’re on any direct route in between major cities that could invite fleeing “zombie” citizens to take refuge – even temporarily – in your area.

This could mean a knock on your door and a few dozen hungry souls on your front lawn.

They’ll ask. Then they’ll beg. Then they’ll demand. Then they’ll take.

2. Have a home defense plan.

Your home is your castle and you need to have a “defense plan” for dealing with an attack from all directions.

This is entirely different than your regular “home invasion” attack where you have one or two intruders in your home looking for your TV and a good time.

This could be anything from an “instant riot” in your area (or directed at you personally), to an all-out organized raid on your home with the intent of taking everything you have.

3. Be able to spot your “bugout triggers”.

The best way to avoid a “mass attack” scenario is to not be there when danger is at your doorstep.

Remain in your home as long as you can because it’s the easiest place to survive – but you must also know when it’s time to execute “Plan B” and get the hell out of Dodge.

This is based on critical intel you will gather from nearby towns and your local area that will give you the critical warning signs you need to look for.

We cover this more in our free survival guide here…

Having a survival plan is more than just stocking up on some extra food and water.

You need the right gear… the right defense plan… and have the guts to know when (and how) to evacuate your family to a safer location.

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