The Only 3 Ways To Avoid Becoming Another "Water Slave" During A Crisis

The Only 3 Ways To Avoid Becoming Another “Water Slave” During A Crisis

Imagine for a moment… not having clean water for your family to drink…

worrying if every drink your child takes is the one that will give them cholera, typhoid, or Legionnaires Disease.

waiting in a “water line” with hundreds of other citizens – begging for your daily ration because you didn’t prepare.

Even during short-term disasters, we often see local stores around areas hit by disaster immediately jack up their prices on bottled water as much as 500% (even though it’s supposed to be illegal).

But now there are even signs that world leaders see the writing on the wall and are preparing to become their own version of “Water Warlords”.

When Infrastructure Crumbles, Will YOU Become A “Water Slave” – Begging For Your Family?

water survival methods

The “laws of survival” say that you can only live 3 days without water.

Droughts… pollution… overpopulation… with the path our world is headed, governments are planning for the worst and have already begun hoarding our most precious resource in preparation for what they know is coming.

Maybe that’s why the Saudis and Wall St. “mega-banks” (like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, dozens of others – even the Bush family!) are buying up aquifers, lakes, water rights, water utilities and water engineering companies in the U.S. and all over the world.

Think THEY know something that you and I don’t?

As I always say… if the government (and billionaires) are prepping for surviving a coming crisis, we’d be absolute IDIOTS to not follow their lead, right?

The writing is on the wall for those who are paying attention and…

Here Are 3 Ways To Prepare Now For Your Family’s Water Survival…

1. Short-Term Water Survival:  Hoard It!

For short-term disasters and emergencies, have some stored water in containers you can use to get you through.

Plan for about 1 gallon per person per day for as much as 3 weeks to avoid relying on outside sources.

I use “water bricks” for this purpose because I can hook a filter up to them and even store food in them.

2. Mid-Term Water Survival:  Collect It!

If a crisis pushes past your hoarded supply, you’ll need a way to collect your own water source (such as from nearby streams, ponds, rivers, or lakes).

This is why I have a massive rainwater harvesting system myself.

Do a map recon of your area for out-of-the-way access points where you can slip in… collect what you need… and get it home.

(I suggest having a heavy-duty waterproof bag for collecting – and put it in a backpack to carry back home.)

Just be sure to purify the water and filter it before using it.

3. Ultimate Water Survival:  “Make” It!

For a longer term water crisis, you need a way to “manufacture” your own water independent of wells or nearby lakes, rivers, streams or city water supply that can all become contaminated in a disaster or collapse.

That’s why I think everyone should build an “Israeli Water Machine for sheltering in place.

Used by Israeli military under extreme conditions, this contraption literally “makes” pure drinkable water from thin air almost like magic.

This blew me away when I first saw it and it’s so easy you can literally make it yourself after one trip to Home Depot.

Here’s where you can get the simple blueprints…

We all know a water crisis is coming – and in some cases has already hit communities hard..

You can survive without a house… without possessions… hell, you can even survive without food for a shockingly long period of time.

Water, you literally cannot live without.

You will die within mere days.

You absolutely MUST prepare to supply your family with water – or be at the mercy of the “water warlords” for every life-giving drop.

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