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3 Weird Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tips Under Extreme Conditions

One of the most basic survival skills everyone (whether you’re a “prepper” or not) absolutely MUST know is how to start a fire with very few materials.

You never know when you’re going to need a fire to cook with… signal for help… keep you warm if lost in the woods… etc.

One of the secrets is have good tinder because it can make all the difference in you being a hero “flame-master”.

Here Are 3 Weird Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hacks You May Not Have Thought Of Using…

Wilderness Survival Fire Starting Tip

The Amazing Burning Crayon

Pry it out of a toddler’s tiny fist and stick it vertically in the dirt. Light the top paper part and it will burn a long time, igniting your other grass, bark, etc.

Yet Another Survival Use For Duct Tape

Did you know that duct tape is also flammable?

Just make a small wad and light it with your other tinder over it.

Lip Balm + Belly Button Lint

Gather up your entire survival team and have everyone cough up their “inny-fuzz”.

Then just smush some petroleum-based lip balm into the collected wad.

Of course you still need something to light it with.

A lighter is key, but can quickly run out of fuel, leaving you trying to rub sticks together (worst method EVER!).

That’s why I love the free Everstryke lighter that’s tiny but lights up to 15,000 fires.

I highly recommend you grab several to put in your bug-out bags… your everyday carry (EDC) bag… and your car’s glove compartment.

Do You Have Any Other Fire-Starting Survival Hacks?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now…

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