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WHO Report Reveals Why Governments Around The World Are Scrambling To Prevent This Disaster!

Imagine that you or a member of your family gets sick.

Maybe it’s bacterial pneumonia…  maybe it’s the initial stages of what seems to be the flu… or maybe it’s just a cut that got infected.

You go to your local Urgent Care or Emergency Room… and they tell you…

“We’d like to help you, but this infection is going to kill you…

Sound like something out of some dramatic new box office thriller?

Well turns out, our “5 warning signs” we tell you to look out for in our free survival guide isn’t the only head’s up you’re getting.

Now the WHO is revealing a dark secret that could threaten our very way of life in the near future…

Why Is The World Health Organization Warning Of A Global Crisis?

Pandemic Survival Tips

I know – it’s a pretty terrifying thought, isn’t it?

That something as a simple as a common infection could now mean a death warrant for you, your spouse, and your children?

You see, in the past, a lot of common infections could be treated with antibiotics.

However, our OVERUSE of antibiotics is causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi to become resistant to these life-saving drugs!

According to the WHO’s own report

This Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. An increasing number of governments around the world are devoting efforts to a problem so serious that it threatens the achievements of modern medicine.

A post-antibiotic era – in which common infections and minor injuries can killfar from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st Century.”

Here’s Why This Matters (And What To Do Now…)

The WHO’s report paints a pretty terrifying picture that resistance to common bacteria has reached alarming levels throughout the world.

If something isn’t done about this soon, the next horrible pandemic is right around the corner.

All it takes is a single mutation… and a problem we’ve always thought of as solvable becomes a pandemic that claims countless lives and throws society into chaos.

Of course, stocking up on antibiotics is important, and I try to avoid taking antibiotics whenever I can (doctors dish ’em out like gummy bears), but here’s the problem…

The bacteria and viruses themselves are building up their OWN resistance to antibiotics – so even if you’ve never used antibiotics, you may still not be able to fight off the illness.

The key then comes down to prevention.

  • Stay away from potentially contaminated areas (like airplane travel and even school or work) when incidents start popping up.
  • Keep your fingers out of your nose and eyes and use anti-microbial gel frequently when you hear of warning signs.
  • For your survival kit, store some standard surgical masks for those who are already sick (so it catches the germs coming out of them) and some heavier duty N100 masks for anyone not sick (to prevent inhalation of germs).

Learn To Read The Warning Signs Of A Collapse…

Once an infection turns virulent, modern air travel makes it possible to spread that infection all over the world.

People react to threats like these with panic, hoarding, and mad dashes for survival supplies.

You DON’T want to get caught behind the curve!

There’s a reason why you see everyday citizens in China periodically wearing surgical masks on their way to work.

And when you do, you’d damn well better start paying attention to the news where you live for the little-known red flags that could give you a critical head’s up to prepare yourself and your family.

See the exact signs to look out for as well as 4 other “collapse warning signs” in our free survival guide…

Surviving is about more than just collecting a bunch of food, water and a bug-out bag and our free guide shows how to “layer” your preparations to be ready for any disaster, crisis, or attack.

What Other Warning Signs Is The News Media Not Reporting?

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