WL 359 – 10 More Tips For Concealed Carry

WL 359: 10 More Tips For Concealed Carry (CCW)

Previously I talked about the “10 commandments of concealed carry.” These aren’t “commandments,” but they are HIGHLY recommended… and sometimes VERY controversial tips for CCW.

Reddit User Cracks “Gun Laser” Secret?

Gun Laser Advantage

I was looking at comments on Reddit late the other night and found one guy who’s definitely “cracked the code” when it comes to gun lasers (although he made one small mistake).

WL 352 – Tacticool Re-Load Myth Buster

WL 352: Tacticool Re-Load Myth Buster

The “tactical reload” is taken for granted by a lot of CCW carriers AND trainers. There’s just one problem: It almost NEVER works as advertised! We explain why in this week’s podcast.