Big Brother: Your "Digital Footprint" and How It Can Hurt You

Big Brother: Your “Digital Footprint” and How It Can Hurt You

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

I value my privacy, and i know you do too.

The problem is, everyone from your government, to social media and “Big Tech,” to virtually every other company out there is spying on you.

A lot of the time, this is because they want to sell you things.

At the worst of times, though, this is because they want to control you.

And sometimes, the people spying on you are just other people, like stalkers and online predators.

The fact is, while you may not think about your “digital footprint,” what you don’t know about it can hurt you – and that’s a BIG problem!

Recently I talked to privacy expert Frank Ahearn about this important issue in our modern age.

Here’s a summary of what he told me.

What You Don’t Know About Your “Digital Footprint” Can Hurt You!

Digital Security and Your Digital Footprint: Protecting Yourself From Hacking, Spying, And Stalking
Digital Security and Your Digital Footprint: Protecting Yourself From Hacking, Spying, And Stalking
Frank Ahearn

Few people ever really realize just how easily they leave a digital footprint.

People use this term to refer to their whole online presence, but it can also refer to how you create a log of your actual physical location.

People create this log without even realizing it, through their phones and those other electronic monitoring systems that are out there.

They do it voluntarily through social media, too, “checking in” and telling their friends (and thus the entire world) exactly where they are, sometimes complete with longitude and latitude.

Every time you post a picture of where you are in the world (with or without the meta data attached to that photo), you are expanding that footprint… and making it easier for you to be tracked, stalked, and targeted.

Keep these 3 tips in mind when it comes to your footprint:

Don’t Focus Solely On Online And Digital Tracing

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their footprint is that they focus too much on online and digital tracing.

We hear about cookies and Internet history and the NSA grabbing up phone records, but what we forget is that when we wake up in the morning to turn on the television, the cable company has access to that.

They know when we come and go.

  • The electric company knows when you use the most electricity.
  • When you leave the house in the morning, there are cameras on the street.
  • There are cameras at the tool booths you drive past.
  • There are cameras when you take a train, when you go through a bus station, when you walk through an airport.

Surveillance is everywhere, which is why you must keep in mind that…

Big Brother Is Always Watching

We have this weird thing going on now: When you go to London, they have street cameras.

These are like a foot long, and they move.

There is this amazingly thorough Big Brother presence in London, with those cameras moving around.

There are microphones on poles.

And in the US, there are cameras behind little black bubbles, discreetly placed on top of street lamps (often with blue lights and gunshot sensors attached).

People make a huge mistake when they ignore this surveillance state.

They’re just blind to it.

The number one rule you have to keep in mind, if you are concerned about your privacy, is that you are ALWAYS being watched, no matter what you do and no matter where you go.

But apart from being tracked in the physical world, you are also being watched online.

Every time you press enter, send, or download, you are creating a digital footprint.

It’s a connection to you no matter how you look at it.

You really need to THINK before you press that button.

Some people have never considered it.

What We Do Today Affects Us Years From Now

We don’t know how the information being collected and stored today will be utilized in the future.

Internet companies are created and go out of business.

They sell what is left over as far as the data.

Look at your privacy as connections.

Think from the perspective of how what you’re doing is connected to you.

Consciously work to reduce your footprint.

When you really think about it, the information you put out online, or that already exists in the digital and physical worlds, is your life, for all intents and purposes.

You need to safeguard your life, and you need to really think about the ways you share it and therefore endanger it by placing it among the networks of networks that connect us all.

Are You Worried About Being Stalked… Or Having Your Privacy Invaded By Big Brother?

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