MCS 283 – Fighting Digital Stalking And Reclaiming Your Internet Security

MCS 283 – Fighting Digital Stalking

Digital Privacy, Information Security, Stalking - Tips
Digital Privacy, Information Security, Stalking – Tips

We tend to think of “stalking” as something that happens to other people.

You know, some guy following Taylor Swift around…

…or a jealous ex showing up in the parking lot of the store where his girlfriend works.

We don’t think it applies to us, usually.

But you need to think again.

“Digital stalking” includes all kinds of fraud, theft, harassment, and invasion of privacy.

If you use the Internet at all

…You are vulnerable to it.

And that means you need to start taking responsibility for your personal information security right now!

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson talks to digital privacy expert Frank Ahearn to learn the least you need to know when it comes to protecting yourself online.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • What you don’t know about your “digital identity” (and how it can hurt you).
  • The simple mistake almost every one of us makes when signing up for a social media account!
  • Why there’s no point in looking for signs that someone may be stalking you!
  • A simple trick that can “harden” your digital presence across all platforms.
  • The 3 biggest information security threats on the horizon… all of which you or I could use RIGHT NOW to digitally stalk someone!

The audio on this podcast is a little rough, because Frank’s neighbors were apparently building a rusty-chainsaw-and-bullhorn-factory while he was giving us his interview.

The information in this podcast, though, is well worth it – so listen in and get these vital personal information security tips!

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