Official Military Documents Reveal: U.S. Prepping For "War In The Streets"?

Official Military Documents Reveal: U.S. Prepping For “War In The Streets”?

The documents don’t lie…

Our government, our military, and even our local police are currently preparing for unrest in our nation’s cities.

You should be too.

With things heating up all over the world… terrorists like ISIS planning attacks on U.S. soil… and “humanitarian” efforts to accept refugees from terrorist-controlled areas (where sleeper-cell bombers can slip in unnoticed), the government knows what chain of events can be triggered.

They know that when they need to lock down a city, masses of people will revolt – even everyday citizens over time – which is why their…

Official Military Report Reveals Plans For How To Handle Civil Unrest In Highly-Populated Areas

Military Megacities Martial Law Plan

Right now, the military is reporting their plans for “megacities – cities with millions of people – but the principles can be applied to anything down to a small town if needed.

The logic, the reports say, is that large factions of terrorists can operate easily within a large population.

There are simply too many people to sift through; it’s hard to locate a group a few thousand strong when there are millions of people around.

That’s why they’ve specifically targeted larger urban areas like New York City (for now).

Military Martial Law Plan New York City

Of course, by the same logic, it’s hard to find a group of 10 people in a population the size of Laramie, Wyoming.

My point? 

WHEREVER you live – no matter how small or large the city – there’s a “plan” for how to quickly swoop into a populated area and “seek and destroy” any threat.

When that’s triggered, there’s a very real possibility that you could look out your window some morning and see jackbooted SWAT teams rolling through your streets with rifles.

And when the balloon goes up, who do you think is going to be the first targets of “potential terrorists” that will get picked up?

Yup… the very same people DHS, the FBI, CIA and NSA are calling “potential lone-wolf domestic terrorists”.

People like you and me who are dead serious about the freedoms promised by our Constitution and fought for by our forefathers.

In fact, there’s a long list of “prepper-like activities” the government considers to be “suspicious”.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to find many of your own interests and activities on this list and I reveal all the details in my “Death Of Freedom” report you can get for free right here…

In this free report, I sift through all the “tin-foil hat conspiracies” and show you (in the government’s own official documents) how they’re targeting our country’s most patriotic citizens as “enemies of the state”.

This is serious folks.

And  if you don’t have this information now – BEFORE you start seeing camouflaged soldiers on every street corner – you’re going to be caught flat-footed, just like the rest of the population.

Be ready, my friends. 

If the government’s preparing for collapse and martial law, shouldn’t YOU be too?

Don’t take your freedom for granted.

Grab my free guide on how to “covertly” prepare for the worst here…

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