Bugout Bag Essentials - Combat Veteran's 16 lb Ultralight Go-Bag Survival Gear List

Bugout Bag Essentials – Combat Veteran’s 16 lb Ultralight Go-Bag Survival Gear List

“Travel light, freeze at night” – That was our packing plan in the infantry. Same goes with your bugout bag for that SHTF moment. Everybody has their own ideas about what to pack in your “go bag” and my experience in combat has greatly impacted the survival gear I use if I have to bug-out to safety. In this video, I’ll share my bugout bag essentials list of gear to be practical, yet stay ultra-light to get to your bugout destination safely.

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0:00​ – Intro
6:39 – Shelter
11:15 – Water
17:18 – Food
23:24 – Utility & Personal Items
38:02 – Security
42:36 – Summary & Outro

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  • I’m curious what bug out bag is that in your video and where can you get it from. I like that setup and I’m looking to build a bug out bag. The foundation is the key to anything I believe including getting a good bag.

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