I Walked 100 Miles With My "Bugout Bag". Here's What I Learned...

I Walked 100 Miles With My “Bugout Bag”. Here’s What I Learned…

Each year in the 10th Mountain Division, I walked over 100 miles with my rucksack (equivalent to a bugout bag), and let me tell you… I learned a thing or two from it (with blisters to show). In this video I’ll go over 8 bugout bag tips I learned from long-haul humping a ruck, that will make your SHTF journey a little easier, and help you pack your go-bag with functionality and practicality in mind.

It may not be our prettiest video, but the information’s all there.

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0:00 – Intro
1:32 – Tip #1 The Mission
2:00 – Tip #2 Freeze At Night
2:33 – Tip #3 Hide Your Stuff
3:16 – Tip #4 Gear Placement
3:56 – Tip #5 Shrink-Wrap It
4:36 – Tip #6 Tactical Pouch Use
5:30 – Tip #7 Micro-Organize
6:25 – Tip #8 The “Breakaway Bag”
7:10 – Outro
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