MCS Podcast #83: Living With A Non-Prepper Spouse

MCS Podcast #83: Living With A Non-Prepper Spouse

Are you married or dating someone who DOESN’T share your love for firearms, survival, or self-defense training?

Well, you’re not alone…

In a recent survey, “living with a non-prepping spouse” was identified as one of the top three challenges for those of us living a tactical lifestyle.

And I speak from experience!

So let me share with you… my simple 3-step “no divorce” approach to living with your partner no matter how “wrong” they may be.

My Simple 3-Step “No Divorce” Method For
Living With A Non-Prepper Spouse!

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Are You Married To A Non-Prepping Spouse?
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  • Mary Jane Russell says:

    Thank you for your ideas. mj

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