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Is Your Tactical CCW Plan Legal? (Concealed Carry License Mistake 3 of 5)

Jeff Anderson – Those who have a concealed carry license and carry a concealed handgun for personal protection everyday carry (EDC), need to know

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Martial Arts Punching Mistake In Real Street Fight

Jeff Anderson – (Note: The “Sticking” technique in this video is for TRAINING ONLY – not for real fighting) Martial arts has its place

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Tactical Firearms Training: Dry Fire Exercise Dummy Mods – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Tactical firearms training is only as good as how realistic you can make it. Shooting at paper targets is ok, but

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How To Knock Someone Out With A Headbutt

Jeff Anderson – Want to know how to knock someone out with one hit? This self defense technique for a headbutt knockout has been

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Improvised Survival Weapons For Your Bug Out Bag

Jeff Anderson – Bugging out can be a dangerous survival mission. To protect yourself and those you love, you need to be armed –

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Doomsday Survival Board Game From Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson is the new role playing survival game for preppers from the renowned survivalists, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy from One of

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Why Do You Carry An EDC Handgun? (Concealed Carry License Mistake 1 of 5)

Jeff Anderson – Are you making this concealed carry handgun mistake? In my podcast episode with concealed carry firearm training expert, EJ Owens, he

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Firearm Defense: Weapon Retention – Fighting In Built Up Areas – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – When fighting in built up areas in combat or home defense, weapon retention is critical to survival. This close quarters combat

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First Strike Self Defense Secret For Street Fights

Jeff Anderson – In a real street fight, your self defense techniques must end the fight quickly. But most people punch for power rather

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