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5 Military Urban Survival Skills Every Tactical Prepper Must Know

Jeff Anderson – The best urban survival training comes from military tactical experience of how to survive a disaster, crisis, or attack – but

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Self Defense Tips: Muay Thai Knee Strike Mistake – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Muay Thai knee strike for self defense in close quarters combat can be a big mistake! Mixed martial arts uses Muay

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Self Defense Tips: Grappling Moves- Technique Defeats Takedown – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Grappling moves against a ground fighter in a street fight requires a technique that defeats the mixed martial arts mindset. This

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CCW Training Reality-Check (Concealed Carry License Mistake 2 of 5)

Jeff Anderson – When it comes to pistol training after your concealed carry license, most handgun owners aren’t thinking tactical – they’re overconfident in

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Best Ammo For Your Tactical EDC Firearm Training? (Concealed Carry License Mistake 5 of 5)

Jeff Anderson – You may have buckets of ammunition to take to the range for your everyday carry concealed handgun training. But did you

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Multiple Attacker Self Defense Myths Exposed

Jeff Anderson – Self defense techniques against multiple attackers are different than fighting one person, yet martial arts experts often train incorrectly. Here are

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Do NOT Punch In A Street Fight

Jeff Anderson – Learning how to punch in a real street fight can be useless self defense training yet it’s taught as the most

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Firearm Defense: Retention – Close Quarters Weapons Training – Modern Combat and Survivial

Jeff Anderson – In a close quarters battle home invasion or self defense against a gun fight scenario, firearm retention is critical. Don’t try

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Fight Training – Street Fight Punching Mistake

Jeff Anderson – In a real street fight, most inexperienced fighters focus too much on power punching haymakers. This self defense technique derived from

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