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Close Quarters Combat – The Clinch vs. Multiple Attackers

Jeff Anderson – In self defense against multiple attackers, the clinch is a dangerous place to be. This close quarters combat CQC tactic is

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Self Defense Tips: Close Combat Ground Fighting – Defeating A Takedown – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Ground fighting is common in mixed martial arts and even in street fights. Here’s how to defeat a mixed martial artist

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Ground Fighting Self Defense Grappling Technique

Jeff Anderson – Ground fighting technique for close quarters combat. Grappling for street fights and self defense when attacker is in mount position.

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Close Quarters Combat Clinch Takedown

Jeff Anderson – Self defense in a close quarters combat clinch can make it hard to find targets. This self defense technique is a

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Self Defense Tips: Grappling Moves- Technique Defeats Takedown – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Grappling moves against a ground fighter in a street fight requires a technique that defeats the mixed martial arts mindset. This

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Will Mixed Martial Arts Work In A Real Street Fight? (Video)

Jeff Anderson

Mixed martial arts “fighting systems” have been all the rage since Ultimate Fighting Championship and other sport fighting events have become popular. But

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