Street Fighting Secret To Stare Into The Eyes Of A Felon... With No Fear!

Street Fighting Secret To Stare Into The Eyes Of A Felon… With No Fear!

“What did you say to my girlfriend?”


“I’m talking to you!”

“You disrespect my woman?!”

You can pretty much see the fear written on this poor guy’s face…

I’ll tell you one thing… the 350lb badass thug ready to rip his head off sure sees it.

And what happened next wasn’t pretty…

Here’s How To Stare Into A Violent Thug’s Eyes… And Make Him Fear YOU!

You probably don’t think it’s possible that some giant, muscle-bound badass could actually fear YOU, right?

Especially someone who’s obviously spent time in prison and has the tatoos and attitude to prove it.

But you can avoid a potential long stay in the hospital (or the morgue) if you know how to use their own experience and knowledge against him…

Ok, stay with me here because I’ve used this technique several times and it works like a charm…

You see, your internal dialog – what you tell yourself when you’re in a confrontation – isn’t just in your head.

It’s written all over your face too.

So if you’re thinking, “Oh my God…please don’t hurt me!”… your aggressor sees it – in your eyes, in the expression on your face, even in how you swallow..

That’s the moment he knows that he owns you.

But the opposite works also…

So instead, you need to change your internal dialog to…

… “This son-of-a-b*tch has no idea what he’s getting himself into.”

… “You really don’t want to go any further buddy, trust me.”

… “I’m ready to go… and you have no clue that I’m literally going to rip you apart if you take this any further.”

Now remember, this is what you say SILENTLY in your head.

And don’t worry… that WILL come across in your face as well.

He’ll know exactly what you’re thinking… and realize that you’re unpredictable and not as “easy” a mark as he first thought you were.

He thinks you have a “secret”.

Something you know that he doesn’t.

It makes him question his actions… and you’ll see it in HIS eyes.

I’m telling you, I’ve used this many times in my work as a soldier… a bodyguard… and in dealing with gangs in the toughest drug-zones.

You may even find yourself smiling just a bit as you look dead into his stare and have this confident conversation with youself.

Not an obnoxious, “I’m laughing at you” smile.

It’s almost invisible, and it shows more in your eyes than in your mouth.

But he’ll see it.

That’s “the secret” he’s afraid of.

Now here’s the thing…

This isn’t something you can just fake.

This kind of silent confidence can only come from your own total and complete, undeniable belief that you can wipe up the floor with any scumbag stupid enough to get in your face.

Fortunately, the human body is pretty easy to destroy – even with your bare hands – when you know just a few simple moves.

They even work against someone twice your size and strength, and half your age.

But don’t take my word for it.

Go ahead and watch this video (warning – it’s pretty violent) and see all the mistakes this guy makes when he’s face-to-face with a massive thug…


Look closely at how – even though he’s trying to play off that he’s not afraid – what he’s REALLY communicating is that he’s soiling his pants and an easy target.

I think you’ll be able to quickly identify exactly why the video ended the way it did.

His situation could happen to anyone.

But once you have “the secret”, you’ll never have to worry about falling victim to the same outcome.

In fact, once you possess this level of confidence, you’ll most likely never even have to fight at all because your aggressor will back down.

So unlock your inner bad-ass… and walk without fear.

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