Is The NSA Spying On Our Cell Phones? Check Out This Sneaky "Spy Trick" To Track Proud Patriots...

Is The NSA Spying On Our Cell Phones? Check Out This Sneaky “Spy Trick” To Track Proud Patriots…

By now you’re aware of the government’s NSA spy program on the American public.

Originally put in place by Pres. Bush after the 9/11 attacks to listen in on phone calls and computers of potential terrorists, the program quickly spread to taking over the entire U.S. phone network and internet activity of every American without our knowledge.

(Details and steps to “hide” yourself are here…)

But here’s something you may not know…

Official government records released reveal that the NSA not only collects information about what phone numbers you call…

… it also collects your LOCATION when you make any calls!

In fact, they may even be tracking you in between calls as well because your phone is always connected to a cell tower that gives away your location.

Is The NSA Spying On Our Cell Phones? Damn Skippy!

Is The NSA Spying On Our Cell Phones

While there’s no real “fix” for this kind of surveillance (if you want to keep your phone), there is a precaution you should make…

Basically, you need to be aware of places you go that may raise a red flag to government spies that you could be a “person of interest”.

Places like…

• The gun range
• Gun shows
• Political rallies
• Survival Expos
• Etc.

When you attend any event or activity that could paint you as “one of us” (or “one of them” if you’re the government), then all you need to do is turn off your cell phone well before arriving so your location isn’t picked up by the cell towers.

This isn’t paranoia… this is a real-life stomping on our Constitutional Rights folks!

To learn more about how you can defeat government spying and protect yourself, read this shocking document that exposes the government’s plans for a “police state”…

There are small-but-powerful steps you should take right away to shield you and those you love from this invasion on our privacy.

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