Norm Bettencourt


On the 'small' side at only 5'6 and weighing 170 pounds, Norm Bettencourt isn't what you would picture when you think of a bouncer or bodyguard. Yet he's worked some of the toughest nightclubs and client situations in the city of Vancouver BC. And his training proves that it's not the size of the man in the fight'it's the size of the fight in the man!

Norm Bettencourt began studying martial arts in 1983 training in styles of Monkey Kung Fu, kick boxing and wrestling. In the spring of 1997 he received his Black Belt from the All Japan Karate Federation and won numerous gold and silver medals in forms and fighting tournaments. One night while coming home after teaching one of his martial arts classes Norm was attacked and beaten. Frustrated with why his martial art didn't protect him he began researching many different combat systems, training one-on-one with different military personnel from different parts of the world.

Researching medical books and interviewing doctors on the effects of adrenaline and the best anatomic weak points of the body. And studying accelerated muscle memory training methods. Through his dedicated research and passion he created the TACT Self Defense System a modern combat system for the 'smaller' individual (Norm only stands 5'6 weighting in at 170 pounds!). He put his techniques to the ultimate test fighting drunks and dope fiends working as a bouncer and in life threatening situations working as a bodyguard proving that size is overrated.

'It's not the size of the man in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the man!' Norm Bettencourt's TACT Self Defense System shows you how even the small and weak can defend themselves against larger stronger attackers as his training pits him against a guy nearly TWICE his size. Check out his training now at!