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5 “Comfort” Survival Foods To Stockpile Now (#5 Is Yummy!)

When you’re forced to tap into your survival food stockpile following a disaster, living off of bland, boring canned goods can actually cause an already stressful scenario to become worse by creating even more miserable living conditions.

One of the ways to combat this stress is to avoid the typical “canned food” approach that often lacks the nutrients needed to support hormonal balance and combat mental fatigue – and instead, stockpile delicious “ready-made survival meals” that combine proper nutrients.

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Another (often-overlooked) way to combat stress during a disaster is to make sure you include some “comfort foods” in your stockpile.

These foods have a calming effect on the body and brain – and can help to keep your family’s spirits high (especially if you have kids).

Here Are 5 “Comfort” Survival Foods To Store Now…

Survival Food Tips And MRE Recipes

1. Hard Candy

We used to suck on Jolly Ranchers in the Army during long road-marches with a heavy rucksack and they really do help you keep your mind off the misery.

(Plus, for survival, they can act as a good bartering item.)

2. Tobasco Sauce

There’s a reason why a small bottle of Tobasco hot sauce was standard in soldiers’ MRE’s – the food inside these military meals SUCKS (!) and Tobasco can make anything taste at least “good”.

3. Instant Coffee

If you’re like me, your day doesn’t start until you get a cup-o-joe into your bloodstream.

Keeping as much of your daily routine intact can give you the foundation to meet the day’s challenges.

Store some instant coffee packets (even Starbucks makes them!) into your survival food kit.

Oh, and these are another good bartering item for the java junkies who are going into withdrawals without their caffeine fix.)

4. Powdered Hot Cocoa

Most of us have a childhood love for a good hearty mug of hot chocolate.

Plus, besides having a little bit of caffeine in it, the chocolate also has some magical mojo for releasing your body’s endorphins (“feel-good chemicals” in the brain).

5. Coconut Oil

Dietary fat is necessary for optimal health and it doesn’t get any healthier than raw, organic coconut oil.

A small jar has an ultra-long shelf-life (so it will store for ages without going bad)… tastes great right off the spoon… and the “medium-chain triglycerides” it contains are powerful brain-boosters that will keep you calm and focused in any challenge.

I make up a small bag containing all of these “comfort items” and put them inside my survival food kits’ plastic storage bins.

These kits last up to 25 years but I would switch out these comfort foods every 5 years to be safe.


What Other “Comfort” Survival Foods Do You Think Are Important To Stockpile?

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