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550 Paracord Survival Tricks (You Probably Don’t Know)

It’s always amazing to see what people can do with paracord, isn’t it?

I once saw a woman’s bikini made entirely out of paracord (MY kinda woman! lol)

Well, there’s a reason people keep experimenting with making paracord bracelets, “grenades” and things like that…because they know paracord is a potential life-saver, right?

Well, here are…

Incredible Survival Uses For Paracord You (Probably) Didn’t Think Of…

550 paracord survival projects

1. Fishing Net

When you “peel off” the outer cover of paracord you’re left with 7 inner strands of cordage. Each of these strands is quite strong, capable of holding up to 35 lbs.

Now it’s these inner strands you’re going to want to use together to create a fishing net.

There are several ways to make a fishing net with paracord.

You can tie the inner strands around a looped strand of normal cord. Or, you can fasten them around a few branches lashed together in the shape of a circle; just like the fishing nets you might buy at an outdoor store.

Once you’ve got your net built you create a “choke” in a stream.  Simply use rocks or debris to force water through a narrow point and then place the net at the end.

Once you do that it’ll help you catch tons of fish for dinner.

Best of all is you only need a few feet of paracord to make this work!

2. Use it As A Tripwire System To Stay Safe

If you’re ever forced to camp in the open you can use paracord to warn for danger.

String paracord around your campsite and then lash tin cans to the cord.

If the line is disturbed the cans will rattle against one another signaling danger (or dinner) is close by.

3. Use It To Make A Self-Defense Weapon

Paracord can even be used to help fight off bad guys.

By wrapping paracord around a 1” steel ball you can carry a personal and devastating self-defense weapon with you most anywhere.

These tools are known as “ball maces,” or “monkey fists” and the ball end of the mace/fist can be swung at someone to help inflict damage and keep you safe.

(Ok, not really a “man-killer”… but that’s it’ll definitely leave a lump and give you a chance to get to a REAL weapon, eh?)

4. Use It To Start A Fire

There are a few ways to use paracord to start a fire.

One of the most common is using the paracord in a bow drill.

This primitive method of starting a fire relies on the paracord to create friction with a stick so you can get a fire going.

But if you’ve ever tried it in real life, you know that this method really sucks and is MUCH harder than it looks.

Free Fire-Starter LacesThere’s actually a new paracord product on the market has it’s own “fire-starter” built right into it.

You can get a free pair of “fire laces” here…

(Click the picture to get a better view)

Each lace is 5 feet long, and the lace tips on either end hold a flint rod that can be scraped with the included “fire scraper” to help you start a fire in seconds.

100% TSA legal, you can take them anywhere so you’re always prepared.

I have a pair for my Merril “bugout boots” and this is a pretty cool gizmo (I wish I’d invented).

I put them on all my boots now and it’s another great way to upgrade your everyday carry gear (EDC) with something you’re already using anyway – laces.

Pretty dang cool!

What Other 550 Cord Survival Uses Do You Like?

Share Your Paracord Tips Below Now…

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