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How To Beat The Department Of Homeland Security’s “Gun-Spying” Program!

Do you own a gun?

If so, you need to take decisive action to protect “who” knows “what” about the firearms you own, shoot, and shop for.


Because according to an official report leaked out by the Department of Homeland Security, 2nd Amendment advocates are at the top of the “new terrorist list”,  (See full details in my report here)

I prefer to think of us Americans who love liberty and are sick and tired of the growing number of unconstitutional government initiatives as “new patriots” and it’s our DUTY to protect our freedom – so here’s…

How To Beat The DHS “Gun-Spying” Program…

NSA Spy Program On Gun Owners

1. Don’t Trust Your Gun Store

I know a lot of gun store owners and they’re some of the most trustworthy patriots on the planet… but don’t expect them to go to jail protecting you.

The government’s federal firearms bureau (BATF) has targeted gun dealers, forcing them to virtually “spy” on their customers by reporting on:

  • Submit reports on customers who purchase 2 or more pistols or semi-automatic rifles…
  • Notify BATF of anyone who frequently buys high-powered rifles; and…
  • Provide all sales records “on demand” of ANYONE who has purchased a semi-automatic rifle!

The goverment has already used this information to conduct home visits to inspect firearms and further investigate potential “threats”.

Bottom line… know what they’re looking for and avoid purchasing firearms in a way that will raise a “red flag”.

2.  Become A “Digital Ghost”

All cell phones are required to now have GPS tracking installed in order to allow the National Alert System to send geographically-targeted public safety alerts.

Because of the geographical positioning of your phone, that also means that that the government has the ability to track your every move as long as your phone is in use.

How often you visit a gun store… go to the gun range… how long you stay… all available with the click of an agent’s computer keys.

Your only option for opting out of this program is to turn your phone off – so do exactly that when you’re taking part in these “red flag” activities the government is labeling potential “domestic terrorist warnings”.

3.  Safeguard Your Public Projection

As invasive as the government’s new age of technology can be, your biggest threat to your freedom isn’t from Big Brother…

… your biggest threat is your tattle-tale NEIGHBOR!

The watchful eye of the government can’t be everywhere so they’ve enlisted the help of our own citizens – turning us against each other with the “See Something – Say Something” program that literally REWARDS people for turning in “suspicious activity”.

I go into deep detail about what this is and how to protect yourself in my free guide, “The Death Of Freedom: 7 Keys To Survive The Coming Police State”.  You can click here to get a free copy now…

It’s sad that you have to watch yourself these days but even a mere “Come And Take It” bumper sticker might be enough to make you suspect in the eyes of your fellow citizens.

Take a look at your home… your vehicle… even the way you dress… and honestly admit if you come off as an “gun nut” to others.

Don’t brag about your gun collection… how great you are at reloading your own bullets… or how much ammo you have stocked away.

It sounds ridiculous… but this is how things are these days.

Make No Mistake – We’re In A War For Our Freedom As Gun Owners

Being labeled as an “extremist” is – in my opinion – is one of the biggest threats we face in our role as “new world patriots” – a new class of “Minute Man” (and woman) charged with the role of protecting our rights.

It starts with watching your own behind… and avoid being the “red flag” on your block.

Start by reading my free report, “The Death Of Freedom” where I share the steps you need to take NOW to protect your privacy and safeguard your rights.

What Other Steps Should Gun-Owners Be Aware Of To Protect Our 2nd Amendment Rights And Preserve Our Freedom?

Please Share Your Advice Below Now…

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