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How To Make Your Own Improvised Body Armor (Zombie Style!)

I love it when a good flick comes out that can also teach us some valuable survival tips.

Like World War Z for example…

As the teeth-gnashing undead were trying their damndest to feast on the flesh of fine-upstanding citizens, the main character, Gerry (played by Brad Pitt) did something pretty cool to protect himself.

He took some duct tape and used it to wrap a magazine around his forearms so he wouldn’t get bitten as he fought back.

Pretty damn smart… and it got me thinking that you could use this same tip to protect yourself in a scenario like a riot or socially-charged protest, so here are some ideas on…

How To Make  Your Own Improvised Body Armor

Improvised Body Armor

Now of course, it’s pretty difficult to prepare your own bulletproof vest to stop rifle rounds, but that’s not exactly your biggest threat during a collapse anyway (well, hopefully).

You see, unless someone is armed with a firearm, the most likely weapons you’ll face in an “instant riot” type event are:

  • Sticks
  • Clubs
  • Rocks
  • And maybe knives if they’re “carrying”

These are the ones most people will just pick up as they could be lying around anywhere and used as improvised weapons.

Ideas For How To Make Your Own Improvised Body Armor…

While a duct-taped magazine isn’t necessarily going to keep you from getting a broken arm if you’re attacked, it could possibly block a blow or help you shield yourself from getting cut while you launch a counterattack and escape.

You can locate a magazine pretty through any door off the street and if you carry a small roll of duct-tape (like wrapped around a pen) as part of your “everyday carry survival gear“, you’re just a few seconds from having a little more protection.

You could also tape a phone book or a few magazines around your mid-section to use as protection against a knife-stabbing if you think about it.

In any case, it’s a clever way to improvise items from your surroundings to help you escape a socially chaotic event, right?

What Are Some Other Ways You Can
“Armor Up” For Civil Unrest?

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