[News] Pasty Pencil-Pushers BRAWLED in Atlantic City!

[News] Pasty Pencil-Pushers BRAWLED in Atlantic City! (3 Tips For If YOU Get Caught In A Brawl)

A bizarre video came out last week that showed a bunch of pencil-pushing mortgage brokers getting into a full-on brawl at an Atlantic City casino, but that’s not what I thought was unusual.

Yes, peo0ple were apparently throwing chairs, shoving tables at each other, and even wrestling and punching each other… all among a crowd that normally sits behind desks all days… but what what caught my eye was something else:

Some of the reporting about this mini-riot mentioning bystanders trying to hop over a rail that separated tables from the lobby.

They did it to escape the fight — and while they probably did it out of instinct, that’s exactly the sort of thing you want to do if YOU find yourself caught in a brawl.

(In fact, it’s Number 2 in my list below.)

And, no, you probably don’t go anywhere that a riot (small or large) is likely to break out — but that’s just the thing, especially these days:

You just never know when things might turn violent.

Society has gotten more and more volatile, and things can escalate at the drop of a hate — as this barroom brawl among a bunch of mortgage lenders shows!

Here are 3 tips for what to do if that DOES happen to you:

1. Before The Riot: Focus On Awareness

Riots often break out seemingly without warning, which is how good people get caught up in them.

The thing is, though, there are usually some warning signs.

People raising their voices… the sound of an argument… maybe even some posturing, glass breaking, even a kind of tension that just seems to be hanging in the air.

If things seem weird and tense to you, don’t stick around

Find a way to move like those people jumping the railing did.

That brings me to…

2. During The Riot: Where To Move

You NEVER want to be in the MIDDLE of a crowd of people when a riot breaks out.

Danger is on all sides of you and a strike could blindside you from anywhere.

Hell, you could start to turn your head and get a CHAIR TO THE FACE for your trouble, as one guy did in that Harrah’s brawl.

Instead, work your way as quickly as possible to the outer edge of the crowd, even if that’s just a wall.

And if you can put a barrier like a railing between you and the crowd, definitely do that.

Even just ducking through a doorway into another hall can help, as long as you keep moving away from the largest concentration of people.

But there’s something you’ve got to remember that extends BEYOND the riot, and that is…

3. After the Riot: Remember, There Are Cameras EVERYWHERE

In today’s world, there are cameras everywhere.

Even if by some miracle nobody in the crowd is recording…

…there will probably be security or other CCTV cameras, even “Ring” doorbell cameras, somewhere around.

You have to conduct yourself as if someone is watching you and will be reporting your actions to the cops (because that can happen).

Don’t use the excuse of a riot to take out your aggressions on people in a way that breaks the law, in other words.

Defend yourself if necessary, but don’t use unnecessary force, and don’t try to “get even” with people if they come at you.

Just get out of there as fast as you can, because nobody “wins” a riot or a brawl.

Those are my fast 3 tips as inspired by that brawl video… but what are yours?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and let me know what I didn’t include.

What Are YOUR Tips For Brawls And Riots?
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