CCW Legal Defense: This "Carjack Shooting Movie Myth" Could Jail You

CCW Legal Defense: Don’t Let This Carjack Shooting “Movie Myth” Put You In PRISON!

Imagine this true story happened to YOU…

You’re sitting in your car when two armed men, brandishing guns, walk up to you.

They’re looking to carjack you – possibly even kill you.

Your whole life flashes in front of you: Your wife… your kids… the things you never had a chance to do.

But you’re armed.

And rather than hand over your car to these douchebags – it’s time to fight back.

But what you do next had better be based on actual self-defense law, and not what you see in the movies.

Otherwise, you’ll wish someone had said to you:

Don’t Let This MOVIE MYTH Put You In Prison!

CCW Gun Rights Legal Defense: Don’t Let This Movie Myth Put You In Prison For A Self-Defense Shooting

Here’s how the TRUE story plays out:

You draw your gun and the two carjackers – shocked – immediately run like hell to their car to get away… but they’re still armed.

You fire at their car.

Your aim is good.

They die.

What happens next?

You’re now sitting in jail, and the press is writing stories about how one of the “victims” was a loving father whose girlfriend just had a baby.

If you think it can’t happen to you, well… I hope it can’t.

Unfortunately, my experience has been that most gun-owners don’t know the reality behind this complicated scenario.

In fact, this same exact situation happened to a man in the Bronx.

Here’s Why This Matters To You

Far too many gun owners place an importance on marksmanship training over your legal responsibilities to use that gun.

Yet both can ruin the rest of your life.

When your adrenaline is surging through your veins and your heart is in your throat, your subconscious takes over and from there, it’s all “programming”.

Now, think about the mental programming you’ve received from television and the movies…

  • How many times have you seen cops shooting up a fleeing car?
  • In the movies, even if they hit the bad guys, they don’t actually get punished for it.
  • Those bullets never ricochet like a golf ball in a blender and strike a baby in a stroller a block away.

In fact, everyone acts like this is what they’re SUPPOSED to do.

(After all, these are armed men who just tried to carjack you, right?!)

In real life, though, these are the sorts of things that can – and will – go wrong.

If you don’t understand the legal requirements for a justified shooting – and if you don’t realize when you MUST disengage and flee rather than try to fight back – you WILL go to jail… possibly for the rest of your life.

Don’t make your children “prison orphans.”

Get the facts in this free “tactical” DVD that can keep you out of jail when you’re forced to use lethal force to defend your life.

It’s not just “good advice”.

It’s your responsibility as an armed citizen… and a loving spouse and parent/grandparent.

How Well Do You Know The Gun Law In Your Area? What Strikes You As STUPID?

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