CCW News: Dumbass Vigilantes Attacking Concealed-Carry Gun Owners!

CCW News: Dumbass Vigilantes Attacking Concealed-Carry Gun Owners!

The floor rushed up to meet Clarence Daniels with a rib-grating crunch.

One minute, the 62-year-old man was walking into a Wal-Mart to buy coffee creamer.

The next, he was being tackled to the ground by a man 20 years younger!

As Clarence struggled with the maniac who was putting him in a choke hold, he had a deadly decision before him:

Should he pull his gun and shoot his attacker off him?

He didn’t deserve to have to make a life-or-death decision just shopping at Wal-Mart, but Clarence was a victim of a disturbing new trend:

Dumbass Vigilante Citizens ATTACKING Concealed-Carrying Gun Owners!

CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners
CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners

Clarence Daniels had a coffee creamer label in his pocket when he was attacked in a Brandon, Florida Wal-Mart.

That’s all he was looking for.

The problem is, another guy – Michael Foster, 43 – saw Clarence get out of his car and walk through the parking lot.

After assaulting Clarence and screaming, “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” Foster struggled with his victim until the police finally separated them.

(Clarence, meanwhile, shouted, “I have a permit!”)

I have to tell you, this CCW holder showed a LOT of good judgment in not shooting Foster.

He kept his head, and as a result, it was Michael Foster who was arrested and charged with battery.

See, Foster stalked Clarence through the parking lot, waited for him to enter the Wal-Mart, and then physically attacked him – because he thought he was stopping a mass shooting.


Because when Clarence Daniels got out of his car, he took the handgun he kept in the vehicle and tucked it behind his hip, under his coat.

A LOT of gun owners do the same thing.

A lot of us grew up during a time when people owning guns, carrying guns, keeping guns in their cars – even in racks in the back windows of pickup trucks – was a perfectly normal part of life.

The problem is, more and more people today don’t think or feel that way.

They’ve grown up being told by popular entertainment that owning a gun is a bad thing that makes you a bad guy…

…and many of them don’t even realize that private citizens can carry guns concealed in most of the United States.

Because of that – and because of news coverage that has Americans convinced they’re all a heartbeat away from a mass murder or “active shooter” situation – when a lot of people see a gun, they think they’ve GOT to act.

Now, I’m not trying to blame Clarence Daniels too much.

Michael Foster was the one in the wrong, and Foster was sentenced to a year’s probation for his crime.

(He was also told he could have no contact with his victim, that he couldn’t own guns, and that he had to attend anger management classes.)

Fact is, though, if Clarence had kept his roscoe out of sight, none of this would have happened.

When you and I carry concealed, we NEVER want our guns to be visible to anyone watching.

For one thing, seeing a gun scares people like Michael Foster, who don’t realize there are some of us out here legally carrying.

For another, if a real criminal sees your gun, he now knows exactly what he has to do to stop you from drawing it.

Your gun might even make you a target, because there’s nothing criminals like more than stealing guns from other people.

The Legal Issue Of Concealed Carry

Keeping your gun concealed means more than just not taking it out of your car in public, like Clarence Daniels did.

It also means carrying your gun in a way that it won’t”out” you when you least expect it.

Too many armed citizens are walking around with holsters they think, WRONGLY, are “good enough”…

…and these el cheap-o specials are the kinds of things that print or “out” the gun when you least expect it!

All it takes is one moment where your gun is visible, and one of these vigilante “heroes” like Michael Foster will be on top of you.

You can’t afford that kind of attention, and that means you need a CCW holster that will help you keep your gun out of sight AT ALL TIMES.

More importantly, though, it may even be a legal requirement where you are that you keep your gun out of sight.

Remember what happened to Clarence Daniels.

If you want to stay safe, and you want to stay on the RIGHT side of the law, you’ve got to understand ALL the legal issues surrounding concealed carry.

I have a DVD that can help you with that.

It’s free; you just have to pay for the shipping.

Check it out – and stay safe out there.

Are YOU Worried About The Legal Issues Surrounding CCW?

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