The Worst Ammo (EVER) To Use In A Self Defense Shooting That Could Put You In Prison!
  • The Worst Ammo (EVER) To Use In A Self Defense Shooting That Could Put You In Prison!

    I saw this comment on a gun forum and it just goes to show how even those who can get a 1″ shot-group from 20 yards can STILL miss the bulls-eye on how their advice affects your legal standing in a self defense shooting.

    One veteran forum poster stated that you should use non-expanding “hardball” ammo in your home defense handgun.

    (Hell, you may even be inclined to load ball ammo anyways because it’s all that’s available due to ammo shortages or it’s just less expensive.)

    From a defense standpoint, this poster’s reasoning is that, due to the sustained velocity within the body, the bullet creates a “deeper” wound.

    That deeper wound can damage organs as well as blow out the other side, leaving a gaping exit wound, essentially destroying your attacker.  But…

    Here’s Why This Could Be The WORST Ammo Choice Ever… And Could Send You To Prison!

    Home Defense Ammunition Mistake

    If you’re ever forced to shoot someone in self defense, you’re not only responsible for hitting your target…

    … you’re also responsible for what you hit BEYOND your target!

    If you watch our “Bulletproof Defense” video, you’ll know that your legal liability is based on what you knew at the time of a shooting.

    If you own a firearm, you’re expected to know what the ammo you’re feeding it does to the human body.

    In fact ammunition can play a HUGE role in whether you’re convicted of a crime – even if you were the one attacked.

    A prosecuting attorney will try to argue that you had a “willing disregard for human life” because you knowingly loaded “ball ammo” that you should have known had an over-penetration problem.

    In other words…

    If you shoot a bystander behind your attacker on the street – you’re legally liable.

    If you hit a neighbor in his home when shooting an intruder breaking down your door – you’re legally liable.

    If your bullet goes through a home invader and into your child’s bedroom and hits them – you’re going to hate yourself for life.

    Now of course you’re not going to adjust your position or ask your attacker to “move a few feet to the left” in order to make sure you don’t hit anyone behind him.

    When you gotta shoot, you gotta shoot, right?

    So the only way to legitimately protect yourself from liability in court is to make sure that bullet stops IN your attacker.

    Ball ammo doesn’t do that very well.

    In order to protect yourself from a court battle (and potentially prison!) after a self-defense shooting, be sure to load your weapon with expanding ammunition… and know where your bullet is going to stop!

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