CCW Laws By State: Second Amendent (2A) Gun Rights Alert

Gun Rights Second Amendment (2A) Alert: How States Target Legal CCW Holders

Her name is Haley Leach.

She’s an attractive 29-year-old from Colorado who has a legal pistol permit to carry concealed.

But as far as the state of New York is concerned. . .

. . .she’s a felon!

That’s because this law-abiding citizen, who has a license to carry a gun legally in Colorado, intended to fly out of New York State.

When she tried to declare her gun at the Southwest Airlines counter in an Albany, NY airport, she was arrested for violating New York’s handgun laws.

And it’s all because she tried to do the right thing.

That’s because Haley, who is definitely NOT one of the criminals gun laws are meant to STOP, didn’t know. . .

3 Sneaky Tricks Prosecutors Use To Put LEGAL Gun Owners In Jail!

CCW Laws By State: Concealed Carry Second Amendment (2A) Rights Alert
CCW Laws By State: Concealed Carry Second Amendment (2A) Rights Alert

Look, I’m a gun owner.

I carry.

Legal gun owners like you and me are NOT the problem when it comes to violence in this country.

But too many lawyers, prosecutors, and District Attorneys in this country go after legal gun owners. . .

. . . and then pat themselves on the back, believing they’ve done something to stop crime.

This makes me REALLY MAD, but getting mad doesn’t keep anybody out of jail.

If you want to stay out of jail and KEEP your CCW rights, you’ve got to be smarter than the sneaky anti-gunners trying to trick you into becoming a “criminal.”

Here are three tricks anti-gun states and their prosecutors use to target legal concealed carry.

1. Beware Of Airports

The TSA has very specific rules for transporting firearms.

You have to keep the gun locked up.

It has to have one of those “steal me” tags on it declaring that it’s a firearm.

You have to put your hand over your heart and recite, “I’m a bad person because I’m a gun owner” the whole time you’re in the airport.

(Okay, I made that last one up.)

But did you know that you can follow all these rules to the letter and STILL get arrested?

That’s what happened to Georgia resident Patricia Jordan, who flew legally with her handgun (obeying all the TSA’s rules) into New York.

When she tried to check her gun for the flight back home, she was told to “wait”. . .

. . . and then they arrested her for having the gun in New York State.

When it comes to your gun rights, AIRPORTS ARE A TRAP.

They’re like a mini police-state where you are searched, interrogated, and treated like you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

If you try to take a gun through an airport, make sure you understand the letter of the law both in the state you’re leaving and in the state you’re traveling to.

2. Catching You “Transporting”

If you own guns, sooner or later you’re going to have to transport them (like when you move).

There are laws affecting that sort of thing, too.

Unfortunately, Dustin Reininger didn’t know that when, a few years ago, he was arrested in New Jersey.

Reininger was moving from Maine to Texas.

His guns were legal in Maine.

They were legal in Texas.

But they were supposedly, suddenly, magically ILLEGAL in the state he was simply PASSING THROUGH to get where he was going.

When he made the mistake of spending the night to rest in the state, he was arrested.

Even though the state’s gun laws are meant to prevent crime, not merely punish legal gun owners passing through the state, New Jersey’s prosecutors didn’t care.

That means you not only have to know the gun laws in the state you leave and the state you’re going to when you transport firearms. . .

. . . you have to know the law all along your travel route.

(Are you getting mad yet?)

3. Looking For Dead CCW Holders

Another story out of gun-hating New York involves a man who successfully fought off a home invasion.

Ronald Stolarczyk, who is 64 years old, used a pistol in self-defense when he fatally shot a pair of home invaders who were going through his stuff.

Unfortunately for him, the gun he used belonged to his father legally.

In New York, you’re not allowed to inherit your dad’s handgun if you don’t have a permit specifically registered to that gun by serial number.

In other words, Stolarczyk is staring down the barrel of felony possession of an illegal handgun. . .

. . . all because he shot two home invaders.

The authorities in New York regularly comb through the CCW rolls, looking for CCW holders who have passed away.

Then, they target the dead gun owner’s family members to make sure the handguns involved are accounted for.

As nuts as all these dirty tricks sound, they’re perfectly legal in states that have these gun-hating laws.

If you want to stay ahead of sneaky tactics like this, while preserving your right to carry and move freely around this nation, you’ve got to know the laws.

More importantly, you’ve got to understand what those laws mean to YOU.

It’s a shame that we, as law-abiding gun owners, have to treat our state’s legal systems as a potential threat.

Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality of carrying concealed today.

What Makes You MOST Angry About Gun Laws In Your State?

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