Webcam Hacking Privacy Alert: Is Your Bedroom Safe? (Maybe Not!)

Webcam Hacking Privacy Alert: Is Your Bedroom Safe? (Maybe Not!)

This one will REALLY hit you below the belt (literally)…

You’ve heard me talk a lot about why you need a “digital throwaway” in order to protect yourself from government snoops who are targeting the most patriotic of our American citizens.

(You know, like”Conservatives”…  people who disagree with the direction of the U.S. government… believe in the 2nd Amendment… own firearms and ammo… use cash for purchases at Starbucks… and other so-called “suspicious acts” the government has identified.)

But Now Even Your Family’s BEDROOM Isn’t Safe And Private!

Webcam Hacking Privacy

A Miss Teen USA’s computer webcam was hacked by a complete stranger who took pictures of her in her bedroom.

He sent her the pics and threatened to show them to the world unless she did “other things”.

How would YOU feel if someone (right now) was watching you and your spouse… in your most intimate moments… your kids… right in your own bedrooms?

What If Someone Was Video Taping Everything YOU Do In Front Of Your Computer?

Without you even knowing it’s happening?

One thing you should do right now is put a small piece of duct tape over your computer webcam lens when you’re not using it.

Simple, I know… but effective and absolutely critical these days to protect yourself!

But your computer webcam isn’t the only way people can peep on you…

With today’s technology, “digital perverts” are spying on men and women in hotel rooms… dressing rooms… public restrooms… and in other parts of your home.

They can use mini “spy cameras” or even your own television in some cases!

We have special sections in our Death Of Freedom report that show you step-by-step how to take back your digital freedom and you don’t need any special equipment or training to do it.

It’s sad that we live in a time when pervs and the government can have so much intimate access into our personal lives.

But as with all technology, it can be used for good… or for evil.

It’s here to stay so make sure you protect yourself with these 7 steps. 

It’s the fastest, easiest way to get off the “digital grid”.

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