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The Oregon Standoff: Are The Occupiers Patriots… Or “Domestic Terrorists”?

150 gun-toting “occupiers”…

On Jan. 2nd, led by the sons of the infamous Nevada Rancher (and stand-off winner), Cliven Bundy, a “peaceful-yet-armed-and-ready” militia group took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in protest of a corrupt government system of land-rights abuses that stomp on local ranchers and farmers.

The story has dominated the media spotlight and is yet one more call-out for patriotic citizens to stand up to an oppressive government that just keeps getting too big for its britches.  But…

Are The Oregon Occupiers Patriots… Or Terrorists?

Oregon Patriot Standoff Update

Frankly, I don’t care what side you’re on (or if you choose sides at all), here’s one thing you can be sure of…

This “you’ll pry my gun out of my cold dead fingers” approach to protesting only feeds into the government’s mass-brainwashing of the public about how the country needs to crack down harder on what they refer to as “domestic terrorists“.

Those aren’t my words – that’s right from the FBI’s own documentation I detail in this free report.

And the timing couldn’t be worse…

Right on the heels of a few mass shootings and Executive Orders for stiffer gun control measures, you can be damn sure that things are only going to get tougher from here on out.

The media is already painting the Oregon protesters as “armed lunatics looking to overthrow the government” and labeling them “terrorists”.

Even the peaceful “Left” (who are quick to denounce guns and violence) are showing their true nature when it comes those they don’t agree with.

Social media is all abuzz with Liberal head-hunters like this one…

Oregon Standoff Social Media Comments

And you can be sure that all of Hollywood is going to get in on the action to further tarnish right-leaning citizens, preppers, and gun-rights advocates as “loonies” who deserve to be removed from society.

Check out what talk-show host Montel Williams had to say…

Oregon Standoff Social Media Comments

Look, here’s the bottom line…

I’m all for standing up for our rights and freedoms – but there’s a smart way to do it.

What The Oregon Stand-Off Could Mean For Proud Patriots Everywhere…

The Oregon stand-off is going to paint an even BIGGER bulls-eye on those of us who fit the government’s description of “prospective domestic terrorist”.

Yes, I know that YOU are not a “terrorist”.  Neither am I.

But nearly every item on the FBI’s and DHS’s list of “terrorist warning signs” describes (I’m assuming) you and me, such as…

  • Owning survival food or stockpiling rations
  • Believing in the Second Amendment
  • Stockpiling ammo against the day where it’s not readily available
  • Watching prepping videos online
  • Even being Christian or ex-military!

These aren’t “tinfoil hat” ravings.

And whether you agree with the Oregon Bundy group or not, the effects will be felt by us all.

More calls for stiffer gun control… further labeling of patriots as “enemies of the state“… and worse… “domestic terrorists” who should be turned in by nosy neighbors who suspect you “fit the description”.

In our free report, we show how the government is turning our own citizens against one another.

More importantly, this free guide shows you 7 secrets to survive a “police state” and stay off the government’s “list” while still continuing to be who you are… own your guns… and prepare to be self-reliant for a crisis.

Revolution isn’t just a vague idea anymore.

The first stirrings are happening right now.

And if you’re going to protect yourself and your family when the government starts cracking down on honest, patriotic citizens who they consider a “threat”, you’ve got to start now – while there’s still time.

What Do You Think? Will The Oregon Protest Help Or Hurt Our Efforts To Save Our Freedoms?

Please Share Your Opinion Below Now…

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