Are Your Firearms On A Government "Watch List"? This Gun Shop Owner Might Tell You, "YES!"

Are Your Firearms On A Government “Watch List”? This Gun Shop Owner Might Tell You, “YES!”

If you ever wondered whether there really was a gun-control conspiracy going on, then this story I saw on The Blaze might change your mind, especially after I did some more digging on my own…

You see, as a result of a law called the “SAFE Act” that was rammed through in the middle of the night (literally) through NY State legislature, modern semiautomatic weapons and standard-capacity magazines were classified as “assault weapons”.

And it looks like the state couldn’t wait to make an example of someone…

Why Was This Gun Shop Owner Forced To
Turn Over 165 Customer Records?

gun control confiscation

Here’s what happened…

It seems that this law was so quickly pushed through and so poorly written that it’s still unclear about what constitutes a “detachable magazine” according to the new rules.

Due to the vague nature of the definitions, all AR-15’s sold there are now sporting what’s called a “bullet button” that keeps the magazine fixed in place rather than ready for “quick reload”.

One of the rifles sold was… um… “fixed” by its new owner and that customer was ratted on by his neighbors to the police (don’t forget… citizens now get like a $500 reward for snitching on suspected “terrorist” preppers).

The police then traced the location of the gun shop and had initially planned a SWAT Team raid on this hardworking American’s business, but instead confronted him and forced him to hand over all records for the 165 rifles he sold – even though they were legal based on the vague definitions in the SAFE Act.

Is Door-To-Door Gun Confiscation Next?

Whenever a government targets those people who are *trying* to comply with the law instead of going after violent criminals, we’re all in trouble.

This just creates division between law enforcement and the citizens of our nation and justifies our worries about being on some “watch list” just for legally arming ourselves.

This isn’t just bad for gun-control opponents… it’s bad for real self-reliant crime control.

See Your Ultimate 2nd Amendment Defender Right Here…

Look, I don’t care where you sit on the political spectrum… all of us patriots are under intense scrutiny now for doing nothing more than exercising our Constitutional rights and claiming our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones LEGALLY.

What’s next?

Door-to-door gun confiscation to confirm our rifles are fitting into some made-up b.s. “definition” of how we’re allowed to protect ourselves.

What Do You Think?

Are You Concerned Your Name Popping Up On Some Government Clipboard?

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