MCS Podcast 64: 5 Battlefield Lessons From Paintball Combat!

MCS Podcast 64: 5 Battlefield Lessons From Paintball Combat!

Who says that prepping for combat isn’t fun?

One of my favorite pastimes (and bonding excursions with my son) is our trip to the local paintball battlefield to test our fighting skills.

But it’s more than just a fun hobby…

If you pay attention, there’s a lot to be learned about real-world battlefield combat tactics!

In fact, this week, I share my “Top 5” newbie mistakes that help me command the battlefield (well, most of the time)… and can help YOU survive if you’re ever forced to defend yourself.


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Each week, our rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks - along with some of the world's top experts - bring you "no B.S." tips, tricks, and tactics to level-up all your skills in tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close-quarters combat self-defense!

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Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • If it waddles like a duck… it’s a SITTING DUCK!  The #1 survival factor that most people take for granted – until it’s too late!
  • Battlefield gear that’s a must-have!  It’s cheap… easy to find… and these items can literally save your life if you’re in a real fire fight!
  • The difference between “cover” and “concealment”… plus, the biggest mistakes “dead men” make every time!
  • Urban combat tactics: Little-known strategies for using your environment to your advantage!
  • The #1 reason why Rambo would never last on the paintball field… nor in REAL combat!

Whether you play paintball or not, these lessons will help police, military, and even civilians looking to discover the biggest “battlefield mistakes” that could get you killed in a real fire fight!

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