What Do Open Carry Assault Rifles REALLY Say? 2 Survival Whoppers I Think You Missed

What Do Open Carry Assault Rifles REALLY Say? 2 Survival Whoppers I Think You Missed

He’s walking through the front doors…

He’s just a few feet away from your family…

He’s wearing a t-shirt that talks about the blood of patriots.

There’s a smile on his face and his finger is hovering just above the trigger guard of his assault rifle.

Is he an active shooter come to bring his mentally ill “revolution” to your local Wal-Mart or fast food joint?

or is he a wake-up call for what you can expect in a societal collapse?

2 Open Carry Rifle Messages You REALLY Need To Hear…

Open Carry Assault Rifle Protest In Texas

Look, I’m not trying to start a mudslinging fight here (so please keep your comments respectful to others).

I wholeheartedly believe in the right to keep and bear arms, but the recent 2nd Amendment protests with open carry assault rifles – as well as the Nevada Bundy Ranch standoff – have revealed to me some real warning signs that survivalists need to pay strong attention to…

1. “Please, Please… Shoot Me First!”

I know it sends a tickle to your testicles (or for you ladies, whatever actually tingles “down there”) to walk around beaming with American pride – daring someone to challenge your 2nd Amendment Rights.

But in a real collapse of society, you won’t have to dare anyone to “Come And Take It”they’ll just come and take it!

That could mean military or law enforcement during a period of martial law… but more than likely, you’ll be targeted by people who want the weapon you carry and who aren’t afraid to hit you over the head from behind to get it.

My message: there are far better survival weapons than assault rifles if you know how to really plan your “collapse arsenal”.

2. “I’m The New Sheriff In Town!”

What we’ve seen with the Nevada Bundy Ranch standoff and recent controversy over open-carry folks holding assault rifles in coffee joints and burger chains is just the BEGINNING of what you’ll have to deal with if society starts to come apart.

As a combat vet, I’ve personally seen how lawlessness changes people.

If the lines are blurred now – in “peacetime” while it’s cool to carry an AR into McDonalds – then just wait until there’s a true collapse when armed citizens who believe they’re “ready” for the apocalypse come out of the woodwork and bond together (and they will).

Bolstered by what many see recently as “successes”, these groups will become the default authority when rule of law isn’t working anymore, and…

…They won’t be at all hesitant to USE FORCE to get what they want!

When that happens, you, too, are going to need to be armed, to protect yourself and to protect your family.

This has NOTHING to do with your position on the Second Amendment… and EVERYTHING to do with survival.

When it comes to how I personally plan my survival weapons arsenal, I follow a different path that includes…

  • A concealed carry handgun makes you FAR more prepared than puffing your chest out with an assault rifle on your back (or in your hands, begging to draw preemptive fire… weapon confiscation… or a rear ambush from a looter).
  • Dress around your weapon. That means more than just hiding your gun – it means hiding that you probably HAVE a gun! You want to be the “grey man” who no one notices so don’t strut around in your 5.11 tactical pants, Ted Nugent concert t-shirt and a confederate flag bandana wrapped around your noggin.
  • Have a backup weapon that doesn’t set off metal detectors you may encounter at checkpoints. You never know when a riot or attack can happen and you NEVER want to be unarmed!

If you now how to map out your survival weapons plan correctly, no one will have a clue how “armed” you are… yet you’ll be FAR more prepared than the open carry activists even “think” they are.

I have 7 specific layers of weapons covered – all with a very specific purpose – and I feel this is truly what separates the educated, prepared, and covertly-armed American from those who are setting themselves up as soon-to-be victims of a collapse.

What’s Your Favorite Survival Weapon You Currently Own?

What’s On Your Survival Weapon “Wish List”?

Let Us Know Below…

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