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Bugging Out With A Bike For SHTF Urban Survival Preppers

Jeff Anderson – Prepping for bugging out with your bug out bag during a disaster, grid down collapse, or other SHTF crisis, doesn’t mean

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Doomsday Survival Board Game From Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson is the new role playing survival game for preppers from the renowned survivalists, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy from One of

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5 Military Urban Survival Skills Every Tactical Prepper Must Know

Jeff Anderson – The best urban survival training comes from military tactical experience of how to survive a disaster, crisis, or attack – but

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Emergency Food Secrets For Survival Kit

Jeff Anderson – Packing emergency food in your survival kit bugout bag requires a lot of thought. In a recent survey, over 75% of

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Survival Food- Emergency Storage: Food4Patriots Review – Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson – Emergency survival food is an essential part of any survival plan. Storing canned goods and even MRE’s are good options, but

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MCS Podcast #83: Living With A Non-Prepper Spouse

Jeff Anderson

Are you married or dating someone who DOESN’T share your love for firearms, survival, or self-defense training? Well, you’re not alone… In a

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